Sunday, 27 April 2014


Hello again, had a nice easter holiday? I'm sure you had, this year almost everywhere there where some sunny days, how can the sun, the blue sky and a nice temperature change it all.
We always have to agree with Andrea, our yongest daughter about week ends and holidays, my poor poodle Rey, has a spine problem, and the changes are not good for him, and can't be in a Kennel, he has special treatment, special food, acupuncture, but even with all this he sometimes has a crisis, his back legs gets blocked, so hee needs special care.
 Andrea went to Sheffield, why not, to see more horses, the first part of the holiday, and when she returned, we went to our "paradise" in Almuñecar, just some lazy days, without planning, only long walks, nice food and some easter celebrations, and prosessions in the evening/night.
We have a blogger friend who just started her new buissness in Almuñecar, a great kind of Take Away, El Puchero de Helena, Avda de Europa , 4 , Almuñecar. Tel 639 176 565
Every day she cooks a different dish, realy well tasting home made food, at very resonable prices, have a look at her web site    HERE

As you may have read before, I always go to see Pedro and his fruit and vegetable establishment, and there is always something interesting to buy, this time bell peppers in 3 colours, so I decided to do a chicken, coconut milk and veggie dish with rice noodles on saturday .

This is my shoppinglist for 4 persons
800 gr de pechuga de pollo.                ( chicken breast)
3 pimientos, verde,amarillo y rojo.        (bell peppers, yellow, green and red)
1 cebolla.                                            ( onion)
1 cuchara sopera de sesamo.              ( spoon of sesam seeds)
1 diente de ajo.                                   (harlic clove)
2 cucharas soperas de AOVE.            ( extra virgen olive oil)
125 ml de leche de coco.                     ( coconut milk)
Sal rosa del Himalaya.                         ( pink Himalaya salt)
1 paquete de pasta fina de arroz.         ( rice noodles)

I begin cutting the shicken breast into small cubes, add some salt, heat the olive oil in a skilet and fry the chicken until light golden, then transfer to a plate. We are going to use the oil again to fry the veggies, first chop the onion and garlic finely, and add to the skillet, let simmer, and continue chopping the bell peppers , and add them to the skillet together with the onion, let simmer until tender.

I now use a dry frying pan to toast the sesam seeds, they get more tasty in this prosess.
Then add the fried chicken and the coconut milk to the veggies and stir for a moment, cook the rice noodles as the instructions on the packet, strain well.

Add the sesam seeds, taste for salt, and serve on individual plates, making a nest with the noodles and the chicke/veggies in the middle.
Bon apetit !!!!

Have a look at my blog n Spanish
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Sesame seeds, linen or flax seeds, black sesam seeds, and in the front  chia seeds.
What you see here are several seeds, Sesam, Black Sesam, Linnen an Chia, I put 2 tablespoons of each in the food processor, and get a flour wich can be addes to many dishes, and I take 2 tablespoons every day. I make it every 4 days.

Chia Seeds , contains calcium, manganese, phosphorus , and is a great source of healthy omega-3 fats. Helps combat diabetes, give you fibre, stronger teeth and bones, packed of protein ( good for veganos), improve heart-helth, and combined with water or in a smootie they fill you up, and tasteless so you can add to sweet and salt dishes.

Black Sesam Seeds has anti aging effect, reduce blood cholestherol, can reduce blood sugar, can lubricate the intestines, relieve constipation. In the ancient Chineese medicin used to tonifying liver and kidneys, can boost essence and nourish blood.

 Linen Seeds or Flax Seeds, rich in omega-3, important for overall brain health, preventing memory loss.

Milled Chia+linnen or flax+black sesam seeds, use it in any soup, salad, veggie or pasta dishes, good for your body and mind.  2 spoons a day keep the medicine away.

Have a nice Sunday and a good week too.


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