Friday, 20 September 2013


Waterfront in Cadaques.

A walk in the sunny morning.

Every bend of the road has a new view .

Casa Serinyana, one of the most beautiful in Cadaques.

Narrow, steep strret in the old town.

Old cobblestone street.

Beautiful street in Cadaques old town.

Again I'm sorry for the posts during my travel, and Cadaques doesn't deserve the post from the Iphone. We had such a nice time, the village is so comfortable to live in, nice walks by the water front by night, so many nice places to sit down for a drink and watch life go by.

Cadaqus has less than 3000 inhabitants, and it was quite separated from rhe rest of El Alto Ampurdan, surronded with mountains, and access from the sea, the light house at Cap de Creus is the most north oriental one in Spain, in the surroundings you have several hiking trails, the Turist Office, both in Cadaques and in Cap de Creus can help you, the walks takes from 1 hour up to 4-5 hours. The way of living was the fishing, until the turism became the most important , but the still famous Anchoas de Cadaques, is still preparated the ancient way and you can try it in almost every restaurant, and the Suquet, also a dish cooked with fish, shellfish,mussels, some vegetables and potatoes is so nice.

The sun is raising over Cadaques.

Sailboats, windsurf boards and kayak's for rent.

The morning light.

Sun yet not up.

Mini beach by the Hotel Sol.

Santa Maria church crowns Cadaques.

The bay full of small boats.

Pine trees and blue water.
This frame is placed on the alle leading from Cadaques to Portlligat, here you make the perfect photo of the town.
Buganvillas in the old town.

View from the Santa Maria Church.

Casa Serinyana, private owned modernista construction from XX century.