Friday, 20 September 2013


Dearest reader, back to normal life again, washing-machine. iron, dishes, etc. awaiting, and to bring me back to the earth again. This week has been wonderful, but home is home, and first thing in the morning yesterday, I went to the market and bought some new onions, new potatoes and italian mussles, really longed for some home-made foodie, and what we in Spain call Spoon Foodie, ( Food you eat with a spoon, normally comforting automn or winter food).

It was only my man and I at home so I made it for 2, so just add potatoes for 4, there where so much mussles for the two of us.

Patatas a la Importancia.

Important Potatoes (might be the translation )
2 pers.
Shopping list

1/4 kg Almejas Italianas              (clams)
6 pequeñas patatas nuevas          (small new potatoes)
1 cebolleta                                  ( scallions 2 if small)
4 dl vino blanco                           ( white wine)
2 dl. nata                                     (cream)
3 cucharadas de AOVE              (spoons virgen extra olive oil)
Sal y piemienta                            (salt and pepper)

Cebollin fresco                            (fresh chives)

First of all, put the clams in a bowl with fresh water, they can contain some sand, and this way, the sand will be in the bowl, not in your stew.
Peel and cut the scallion into halfs, and then in two again before you slice it, have 2 spoons of AOVE in a skillet heat at medium temperature and add the scallion, let cook until transparent and a little brownish.

Peel and slice the potatoes finely, add to the fried onion, and let it fry together mixing all the time for 2-3 min.
Then take apart and put a new skillet with the white wine and the clams, let boil until the clams are open, but not more, strain, if there is any sand left your stainer will keep it, the liquid into the potato and onions, heat until boiling . Boil for 25 min , depends on the quality of the potatoes, use a knife to see if they are cooked properly, but don't leave to long, then you will have a puree.(If more liquid is needes, add a cup of water)

When the potatoes are tender, add the cream and the cooked clams, and taste for salt and pepper, just let it boil, and serve on hot plates, decorate with the chopped chives, this dish is somthing between a soup and a stew, we like it more stewish, but you can also let it be more liquid and soupish.

It is allowed to eat the clams with your fingers, the rest  with a spoon.

The welcome home dish I made for self and man.
When we make a long travel like this, my husband loves to drive, and he's a magnificant driver, in 8 days we did more than 3800 km. He never gets tired, I might take a nap or two, but he has his radio, Onda 0, and could continue to the end of the world. But when we arrive home, we are always happy to go back to "normal life ".
We stayed in Peñiscola the last night, also a good experience, I'll tell you  tomorrow.
Think it's bedtime now, night, night..............................................

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