Friday, 20 September 2013


Today I'm dedicated to clean the corn cobs I bought at the farmers market, and I think I will share this with you, after lots of exesses in the summer, now I want to go back to my healthy manners.
One is the corn stigmata infusion , when you rinse the corn, after taking off the leaves (the leaves was in old times dried and used to make matresses ) you find the brownish  "hairs", and this is what I use. When I can get new corn, the rest of the year I buy it in tea bag version, I like it as natural as possible.

1 liter of water per 20 gr. of stigmata let it boil for 10 min, then let rest for 15 min., strain and drink it hot or cold.

It has a very nice colour, and taste slightly of corn, and be careful not to drink it before bed-time, may be you have to run to the loo several times.

It's good for so much, clean out bladder sand, rinces kidneys, and all that has to do with urinary tract, kep your colestheol ahead,  helps to get rid of heavy legs, and it helps to calm back ache, pain in shoulders and waist, and even make you loose some weight.

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