Monday, 15 April 2013


Spanish lentil stew ( 4 persons)

300 gr lentejas pardinas( small lentils)
1 cebolla (onion )
1 diente de ajo ( garlic clow)
3 zanahorias (carrots)
2 ramas de apio (celery )
1 nabo (turnip )
2 patatas medianas ( medium size potatoes).
2 tomates maduros ( ripe tomatoes)
2 cc aceite oliva virgen extra ( 2 tablespoons virgen extra olive oil)
1 clavo de especie(clove)
1 hoja de laurel (laurel)
1 cc curcuma. ( 1 teaspoon tumeric)
1/4 chorizo ( chorizo sausage)
1 cc sal ( 1 teaspoon salt)
Rince the lentils, and put them in 1 liter of water, and let them start cooking while you start peeling and chopping the vegetables, all in small pices exept the tomatoes, and the potatoes.

All the ingredients ready to go in the pot.

Put all of it in, if you have a pressure cooker, it takes 15 min. If not you must go for 1 hour more or less, taste to find out.
My pressure cooker.

Cut the chorizo, I like best the little spicy ones, and not too fresh nor to dry , take the skin away before you cut it in slices.
Then grate the tomato and put 1 teaspon sugar in it, to take away the acid , cut the potatoes in slightly bigger cubes, and add together with the olive oil to the lentils. Let cook on low fire for 1 hour, if it seems to need more water, add a cup or two, and be careful to stir now and then if you use an ordinary pot.

Here is the finished stew.

The lentils has lots of iron, but you need some C vitamins at the time.

I suggest oranges, which you peel. cut in slices
and have a little cinnamon and brown sugar over.

You can let it dry and use it for a cake or somthing later.

Looks good, and taste even better.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! que pinta mas buena!!!!

  2. Me alegro mucho, gracias por tu comentario.