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Hello, hello, the coming week is one of the most important catholic celebrations in Spain, 1 week of holy prossession through streets and squares in every village and every town.
The Holy Bible, the Easter is the culmination of the Passon of Christ, and in Spain it's told by figures richly dressed, and decorated, and transported by humans along the streets, so everybody can see and venerate the holy imagery.
se more of the Easter Week in Granada here
Be prepared for the crowdes of people until late night hours, in Seville the Madruga, starting Thursday late afternoon may finish at 10 am on Friday.
In your hotel or the Turist Informaton Office you can have the program for the week.

And this typical Torrija you can buy in many cake shops, and try in restaurants or make it yourself at home.

Easy shopping list this time.

1 pan ( de torrijas).              1 white bread ( some places you can buy a special bread for torrijas)
1/2 litro de leche.                 1/2 liter of milk
Granos de cardamomo.       Cardamomo grains
3 huevos.                             3 eggs
200 azucar.                 2 deciliter of white sugar
2 cucharitas de canela.          2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1/2 liter of AOVE.                1/2 liter of extra virgen olive oil

Start peelng the seeds of the cardamomo and  use a mortar to grind, add to the milk, alt let the milk boil for a couple of min. Transfer to a couple of plates to cool , and cut the bread, the bread must be at least 24 hours old. Beat the eggs in another plate, and mix the sugar and the cinnamon in a third plate.Now heat the olive oil in a small frying pan to medium , high temperature.

Soak the bread in the milk on both sides, then transfer it to the beaten egg, turn again, and transfer to the frying pan. Fry until golden on each side, I use a small pan, and only put 3 slices of bread in, then it's easier to control the heat.

Have a plate with some kitchen paper ready, and let them drain and cool a little before you turn them round in the sugar/cinnamon mix, and then arrange nicely on a serving platter. 

We like to eat them before they get cold, but they are are nice both ways, put them in an air thight container if there are any left, for the next day.

Soft &creamy inside, and a little crunchy outsde.
If you toss the sugar/cinnamon mix too early ( the torrijas are very hot) the sugar will melt
and they will be stcky, some people like that too.
If you are not used to stir frying, you can do them caramelized, just add a little butter with sugar and cinnamon to the fryngpan, when the sugar is melted add the bread (after the egg in the recipe), and let fry until golden.

At home we often do this for Sunday breakfast, my girls always loves them.

Do you want to leave me a comment, what do you think aboat  the Easter in Spain?

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I wish all of you a nice easter week, take care and enjoy time with family and friends. Now the last weeks of 
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