Wednesday, 2 October 2013


After having a really wonderful week with my sister and brother in law in Almuñecar, the beach was ours, the water in the sea had perfect temperature, transparent, lazy walks in town, nice meals and some glasses of wine, we continued to Malaga to spend the week-end there.

 Mater Dei is latin and means Mother og God, the past saturday 7 Madonnas was processioning the streets of Malaga, the staff told us at the arrival to our Hotel. We stayed at Los Patios de Beatas,Calle Beatas,41, very well located, and so friendly, terribly good Eglish spoken staff, opened only 11 months ago, modern, fresh and very clean, and with a very nice surprise (I'll tell you later.)

Of course our visit to Malaga was to se the museums, Picasso and Carmen Thyssen.

A walk up to the Alcazaba, Fortress Castle, of the Muslim  gobernors from century XI, and enjoy the gastronomy in some of the hundreds of Bars, Taverns, Restaurants, where you can have tapas, specially we liked these; Croquettes of Clayfish in the Refectorium, Flamenquin in the Taberna Los Gatos, a coffe and some mini cakes at Lepanto, Calle Larios,and we spent the evening with some friends in Bar Taberna El Pimpi.

                         Malaga gave us a

El Pimpi , Calle Granada, is an institution in town, several rooms and patios , where you can drink, have some tapas or a full meal,visited by actors, flamenco-dancers, bullfighters, politicians and famous personages. All the walls are decorated with photos and signatures of theese, it was so crowded, the newspapers in Malaga said there where 45 000 visitors, so impossible to photograph, but I give you the link, have a look;

Saturday afternoon The Cathedral, beautifully decorated, receeving  the Madonnas on their thrones, most of them with palliums, so beautifully dressed, all lit candles and flowers, ported by up to 200 men, some also by  women here and there, but most men, and so many young, it's so nice to see the coming generations follow the traditions.

The Templo Museum of the  Sisterhoods could be visited , where
the last hand of cleaning and decorating of the thrones
was done.
This is hard work, normally those processions are in the Easter week,so this was new to me, and the tempreature was like in the summer, the streets so narrow so much public, the thrones so heavy, I really admire what belief can do.
All the churches was open for the public since Friday, and 60 Madonnas had levee, one by one people kiss the hand of the Madonnas.

Inside the Santiago church.

Decorated balconies-

Even if the photo isn't the best you can see how narrow the streets are.

The city had many decorated balconies.

Candles flowers, and rich hand craft work in silver.

The Cathedral  called  La Manquita, because of 1 tower that never was finished.

I'm sorry that the photos are not first class,  I used the Iphone, and there was so much people around, difficult work to be a photograper too in this kind of events.

-Some photos from Vinoteca Los Patios de Beatas-

Wines from all the regions in Spain.

Taste the wines, if you like them you can take away.

This modern wine serving robot I had never seen before.

Nice wall painting in the stair case, Los Patios Vinoteca has several  rooms, if you want to have a private party.
Confit Bacalao .
Lamb sweetbreads, one of my favorite eats.

I will come back to this as soon as I can find it on the market, and also how to confit meat or fish.

Los Verdiales , typical music and dance from the mountain villages around Malaga.

The perfect end of the Malaga visit, seeing theese young people keeping the traditions alive.
After leaving my family at the Airport we had another surprise, the temperature started to go down, and reached !0 degrees in Puerto de las Pedrizas at 780 m, and it started to rain.
Has the summer come to an end?

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