Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Hi , we are in Almuñecar this week, have my sister and her man here for 1 week, and we are so lucky , wether is super, beach is not crowded, water still fine for swmming, who can ask for more. 
This morning we had churro breakfast, went for a walk up to the San Miguel castle, they are preparing thei "fiesta" for this week end so it was buisy up there. And then the daily  visit to the market. 
If you want short travelled fruit, the grape season is on the best, Moscatel are my favorits, you have granadas, very nice to toss in your salads, and the most interesting , the abortions, the local people in Almuñecar call the mangos that fall off the trees.  They are only aboat 5 cm  size, but so sweet, piny taste, I love them. Watch out if you can find them on your local vegetable shop or marked.They are only available for a week or two.
In the Majulo Park , these boys where playing their guitars in the morning sun, nice to listen.

Then vi had "some beers " at Los Pajaritos, one of the best tapas  places in Almuñecar, only fish and seafood of the day.
We have started a very nice week, hope yours will be nice too,

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