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Hi, I'm back again to post our stay in Peñiscola, when we left Juen les Pins, the distance to Granada was 1800 km, so we started , thinking  it could be busy on the motorway, but it was ok. We reached the border at 4 pm, and started to discuss where we could  stay for the night, we know the Valencia area quite good, so I started to look at a map in my Iphone, and saw the name of Peñiscola, coast town with a little more than 8000 inhabitants, and thought, we don't know this place, lets try, and started to look on the net for a Hotel.

It was quite fully booked by the beach, but then suddenly I saw a place with a very strange name "Dios Esta Bien", but it was valued by 9,3 points , it's always interesting to see what other travellers mean about a Hotel, so I booked it for the night at a very reasonable price. Situated on the rock of Peñiscolas old town, we had a little surprise, the local fiesta was celebrated, and no cars could go up to the castle, we had to park in the port, My Good, the steep hill, crowded with people, my man and I suit cases in hand, to find this place.

It's more a Casa Rural, than a beach Hotel, but the couple who runs it , Leonor and Guido,( he is from Holland)  makes your stay a great experience, she told us all about the small town, what to see, where to have dinner, and of course that we must have breakfast in their house. 

They are both coffe lovers, toast their own coffe, and make you the best of any coffe you can wish, Cafelatte, Capucchino, Expresso, whatever way you like it. Guido is really in love with Leonor, see that in his eyes, but I don't know if he might love his coffee machines a little more. Funny couple, running this Hotel, since 8 years ago, but they also told us that it took 3 years from the day they bought 3 small houses, Two for the Hotel and one for their own residence, 18 months to get the permissions to renovate the building, and then the construcction, leaving the old stone walls visible, small, but nice rooms, a roof terrace where you can watch the stars, and the coffe bar, where both Leonor and Guido makes the atmosphere.

Ermita de la Virgen de la Ermitana, the ptotectoress of Peñiscola.

From the Castle You can see the beach and the modern part of Peñiscola.

"Navajas" a kind of mollusc, here grilled.

The paella we had at Casa Chicki.

Sea Food Paella.

Funny street decoration .

Light House of Peñiscola.

View from the Light House.

Narrow streets and houses , the balconies decorated for the "Fiestas".

From the Castle, modern part of town, and beach.

Coffe Shop at  Dios Esta Bien.

The best Capucchino.

Breakfast at Dios Esta Bien.

Guidos coffe desk, woooooooow.

The coffe is for sale in their Coffe Shop , or on the net.

Sea view from the old town.

Typical houses and the road up to the Castle.

View rom our balcony at the Hotel, not a single soul in the street, this little town wakes up late, all the photos where taken before breakfst.
Leaving Peñiscola with my suitcase.
My man and his suitcase, still no people around.
The lovers leave their  padlocks, their initials engraved , for the eternal love.

We liked it here, and I want to thank Leonor and Guido for their friendliness.

Here is the link if you want to book, or simply buy their wonderful coffe.

And now we can enjoy Guidos coffe at home, have a good week end all of you, and thenk you so much for dropping in on my life.

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