Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Well,  Olympic games finished, I'm not glued to the television anylonger, when it comes to cross country skiing, I'm still very NORWEGIAN. And we had a lot of medals, ohmygod!!!,!! these boys and girls are really amazing, I take my hat off for such a fellowship, the perfect sport performances and the humanity shared by all the members of The Norwegian Ski Team.

Well in Spanish, this recipe is called Ensaladilla Rusa, wich means Russian Salad, here every housewife has her own recipe, but the main ingredients are potatoes, mayonaise, and canned tuna,
Then you can add peas, carrots, boiled eggs, roasted paprika, corn, onion,olives, after your own wish. I know the russians use chicken instead of tuna, but I prefer the tuna variant, sort of makes it more light.

Start boiling the potatoes, I prefer the red skinned, they are whiter inside, wash them well and cook with the skin on, it's quicker to peel once they are cooked. When you throw out the water, put them back on the burner, and let all the water evaporate, let cool until you can handle without getting burned.

Now we make the home made mayonaise, see basics .( on the blog)

Chop the onion finely, and use the   for the dill, open the tin of tuna, strain, and save.
Then peel and cut the potatoes in small cubes, transfer to a serving bowl, then add the other ingredidntes, I like the potatoes to be tempered , the aroma is absorbed by the potatoes, mix and add the mayonaise, mix well again and put in the fridge at least a couple of hours .

Before serving you can decorate with some boiled eggs, and some slices of piquillo peppers.

Ready to enjoy, it can be made the day before, and don`t worry, the lefties are fine the next day, just be careful with the mayonnais in the hot season.

Hope you enjoy my recipes, f you do make any of this, please send a comment and a photo, and  I will publc it in the blog. I `m very happy if you leave a comment without photo too.

Have a good nght, and week. This week is a little shorter in Andaluca, since  Friday the 28 of February is the Day of Andaluca, and we have holiday.


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