Friday, 3 January 2014


X-mas and New Year is a very happy time for all of us, we went to Norway on the 22nd of December and stayed for one week with the family, first time we "left" our daughters in Spain, and it was a strange feeling, with the promise to celebrate new years eve together.
My man because of his work in Sierra Nevada never went to Norway in the winter, now he retired,and we hoped for a white x-mas, but no, it was cloudy and raining all the time, the temperature was even higher than in Granada, it's a strange world.
But we had a joyful time lots of nice moments with the family, lots and lots and lots of food, and that's why I ask you how you feel, myself I feel that there's no more room for food now, and we have to go back to our habits of esting less and more healthy.
I prepared this fruit salad, in Spanish calle Macedonia for tonight.

Macedonia ( fruit salad)
Shopping list;
2 manzanas Ambrosia.               Apples ( Ambrosia kind)
2 peras Conferencia.                   Pears ( conferencia kind)
1 ,mango                                    Mango
4 mandarinas.                             Mandarins
2 kiwis.                                       Kiwis
Frambuesas.                               Raspberries

For the juice;
1 limon.                                          Lemon
6 mandarinas.                                 Mandarins
2 cucharadas de azucar morena.     Brown sugar

Start making the juice, mix with the sugar and save in a bowl, peel and cut all the fruits in very tiny bits, putting them into the juice as soon as they are cut, so they don't turn brown, mix all, put the raspberries on top,. I use the frozen raspberries from Lidl, quite frequently, and they turn out nice.
This will help a lot to get rid of some x-mas calories, and for our family it's a nice way to have the fruit served, for the children you can add some whipped cream and they will love it.

And for lunch these fantastic calamari.

Shopping list;
2 calamares medianos por persona.            Medium size calamari per person
2 dientes de ajo.                                           Garlic cloves
Perejil                                                            Parsley
AOVE.                                                           Extra virgen olive oil
Sal rosa del Himalaya.                                   Pink himalaya salt

Ali Oli 

When you buy the calamari, the best the fresh ones, ask them to clean it for you, in the fish stands on th local markets they will do. If not, you must take off the skin on the outside, and turn it outside in to clean all inside, the legs has a "mouth" in the middle, cut that away, turn the body again, and dry all with a kitchen paper.
Chop the garlic cloves and the parsley finly, mix and save.
In a frying pan, add a little AOVE, and heat to medium/strong, add in the calamari and roast 3 min on each side. 
Tranfer to a hot plate, toss some drops of AOVE, some salt,and the garlic/parsley mix.
This time the Ali Oli was bought in the supermarket.
And enjoy .

Ready for tonight:


  1. Congratulation for your blog and happy New Year.