Friday, 25 October 2013


Hi friends, this weekend we are goining to have one more hour of morning light,don't forget to take your clocks 1 hour back,  and go to a party, you con sleep 1 hour more on sunday!!!!!, some candles and the last, I think, flowers from the garden, for a nice friday.

And this is really not going to be a new life, but sort of going back to my "old life" ,before the summer, several times I told about my  "over weight" and I just found some old photos in a folder on my laptop and I think I want to share, sort of  before and now photos.

Three years ago.

From this summer.
The more healthy  life made me loose 22 kilos, and this summer, I put on 2 of them again, but I think my diet will fix that in a month more or less. I do the diet with a nutritionist, all followed by analitics etc, and today I made the desision to go to the Farmacia, and get my right weight, there I can print it out and save the ticket so I don't forget, in 1 week I will tell you how much I lost, I try to wear similar clothes and shoes, what matters isn't the what I weigh, but the difference of every weeks weight.

First rule, no alcohol, and 5 meals a day, shew every mothful 25 times, to salivate the food, drink 2 liters of water, or any liquid without calories every day, but outside the meals, not to thin the gastric juices, and at least 1 hour of  exersise  every day..

Basicly the best suggestions I can give you. If you want to follow a serious diet, you can send me an e-mail and I will give it over to my dietist, and she will contact you. Several of my friends here in Granada has followed her diets, and we have not only lost weight, our  analitics are much better, and I stopped taking medicine for the cholestherol 1 year ago. Now I use aliments containing Omega 3-6-9.

Here I will share the first vegan meal, the recipe is from my friend Susana, she owns a health food shop here in town,and sometimes she runs a cooking school, we have such a nice time, first cooking, and then we have the lunch together with all our nice dishes.


The ingredients.


2 brecol                               ( broccoli)
1 paquete de fideos chinos. ( 1 packet of chineese noodles)
200 gr of tofu rosso.           (red tofu)
2-3 cucharads de AOVE.   ( spoons of ectra virgen olive oil)
1 diente de ajo.                   ( garlic clove)
Sal                                     (salt)
1cucharada de salsa soja.    ( spoon of soy sauce)

Start boiling the water with salt, then boil the brocoli for a couple of min. drain, and put under the cold water tab for a moment, then leave apart to dry.
Boil water for the noodles, when it's boiling take apart, soak the noodles for 4-5 min. drain and save.

Frying the garlic, and the other ingredients ready.
In a skillet heat the olive oil, and fry the tofu, cut into small cubes, not to small, as you must make sure they are fried on every side. I use a lot of tofu, and prefere the smoked one, it has a little more taste, and I make it "rosso" myself, having smoked paprika into a bowl and turning the tofu bites in it a couple of hours before I cook it .The tofu is like a spounge, it picks up the flavour of any marinating Just as well you can buy it prepared, but I buy a kilo piece, it runs out much more economic than the small packets.
This time I mixed sweet, smoked and hot paprika, and a little Himalayan pink salt, and the taste was super.

In a wok fry the garlic clove, sliced, in the AOVE until golden, and then incorporate the rest of the ingredients, taste for salt after adding the soy sauce, as it's salty.

If you don't have a wook, use a frying pan.
If you dont like the tofu, you can change it for shrimps or chicken breast cut in small cubes.
If you don't have broccoli,use zucchini.

If you like hot food, add a little bit of Sambal Oelek or Tabasco, but be careful, it can be too hot.
 Use the weekend to do something nice, if it's raining, a nice cup of tea, a good book, and a blanket. I think this is the autumn life, lots of candles, and some good foodie enjoyed with family and friends.
Have a good time.


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  2. "You are what you eat", this is the way you have to think, now i read every label on the packed food I want to buy, much of it I don't, and I use biodinamic vegetables and fruit,
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