Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Today Granada was cloudy and it was raining several times, it was wet on the golf course, so we stayed home doing some cooking, always nice to work together in the kitchen, my man made tasty chicken fajitas for our lunch, and myself some pickled pumpkin and flatbread.

I think from old times, in Norway all was covered with snow in the winter, and no fruit and veggies was awailable for many months, so every house wife had to work out ways to conservate the food. In our modern life, we have so little time, and the supermarket is always full of every kind of foodies. But I can remember my grandmothers collecting from a great garden, apples, plums and pears, to conservate and make jellies and jams, the smell in the kitchen was wery sweet, and to have a slice of white bread with almost warm jelly on was heaven. The taste of the home made is always different, and much better, no quimical colour and conserving stuff, that means much healthier.

The veggies was also made pickles, like cucumbers, onions, coliflower, carrots, punmpkin and beetroots, I will come back next week about that, but  today I want to give you a recipe of one kind of  " knekkebrød"  ( flatbread) so apreciated and eaten every day by almost every Norwegian.
I think the autumn invites to bake, try this, you are not going to regret.

Norwegian flatbread

Shopping list
2 dl copos de avena.              ( whole oat )
2 dl harina integral.                 (wholemeal rye)
2 dl pipas de calabaza.          ( pumpkin seeds)
2 dl salvado de avena.            (oat brand )
2 dl sésamo                            (sesame seeds)
1 dl semillas de lino.                ( linen seeds)
2 cucharitas de sal.                 ( salt)
7 dl agua.                                (water)
Dl. = deciliter
Cucharita= teaspoon

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, I used black sesame this time, but any sesame seed is good, let the dough rest for 10 min.

Put the oven on 150 degrees ( air fan )
Divide the doug in 3 parts, line 3 oven trays with baking paper, and use a spatula to  repart  the dough, it must be thin.

Put the 3 trys in the oven at the same time for 10 min.
Then take the trys out, and divide with a pizza roll , in small rectangles, then put back in the oven for another 15 min.,  then open the oven door to let the humidity out, and let it run for another 5 min.

Every oven does not work exactly the same, yours may need some more time, the flatbread must be hard and crunchy.

This time I made the mistake to use the silicone sheets for the oven instead of bakingpapaer, no good result, I had to take them away and use the baking paper and let it cook a little longer.
Use a metal spatula to take off the baking paper and let cool on a rack , when completly cooled, put in an air thight box, can be saved for weeks, but I don't think you will let it last.

This is so nice with all kinds of cheese, put some marmelades and fresh fruit too on the cheese platter, and enjoy.
Have a nice sunday, and don't forget that at 3 pm you have to put your clocks back to 2 pm, we have an extra hour .

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