Sunday, 1 December 2013


Advent is the beginning of the church year, and means expectant waiting, and preparation for the nativity of Jesus at christmas. The word is an angliczised version of the Latin, Adventus, meaning coming.
The advent wreath, traditionaly a Lutheran practice, now spread to other christian denominations, always round, the infinity, God's love don't have a beginning nor a finish. The evergreens and the lighted  candles signified the persistence of life in the midst of the winter, long before the arrival of chistianity. In modern times we use  to lit the candles the first sunday of advent 4 sundays before christmas eve, and usually lit them during the meal every day of the week.

In my home in Norway we always used to have one, and in the dark mornings having breakfast before school, we used to lit one candle, and I brought this tradition with me to Spain, and of this year of course I made a wreat, with a new design, using apples, wine corcs I have saved the whole autumn, pine branches, candles and a glass bowl.

The second option is using any candleholder, equal or different shapes,I used 2 star and 2 heart shaped ones,  4 metal christmas baskets with pine branches, acorns, and four candles.

We use the 4 candles for a while every day, and it really light up this dark time of the year.
Tomorrow we have the winters first brunch, and the table is prepared, the best option for winter mornings.   I have prepared some cupcakes, in the morning some croisants filled with ham and cheese will come hot out of the oven, a little salmond and scrambled eggs with Wasa bread, and my own flatbread, some good cafe latte or a spiced christmas tea, and maybe a small glass of the years Christmas Aquavit.

Manolito can't wait for tomorrow.

This option is good if you want to light one candle at the kitchen table during the week-

My new tablecloth, I got the fabric on Almuñeca's friday marked.

How is your advent, i would really like to know, send  a comment. Have a nice 1st Advent Sunday, only four weeks and chistmas is here.
Night, night!!!!!

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