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Do you celebrate the Santa Lucia Day?

In the Scandinavian countries, the tradition originally comes from Sweden, but in the 20th century was also celebrated in the rest of Scandinavia. It`s  the  winter solstice, when the days gets longer and the nights shorter, the northern part of he world needs a light in the dark. The Lucia figure dressed in white, with candles or electric light in a wreath on the head, goes  first in the procesion of girls and boys,also dressed in white with candles in their hands. Normaly organized in the schools now, time ago in each house, the oldest daughter was St. Lucia.
And since the night was  long, dark and cold, everybody was very hungry and the breakfast was Lusse ekatter, Saffron Buns.The house full of candles, Scandinavia is the part of the world where more candles are burned in the winter time, but much used the whole year.

The Lucia Song.

 Some recipes  have sustitued the saffron  for tumeric, wile during the war,  the money was short, and as you know, the saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. But the saffron is worth the cost, all the other ingredients are low cost, and if you don't make them too big, of this recipe you become 55 or more Lussekater.
 They  freeze well, so keep the ones you are going to use  in a day or two, and freeze the rest,, To defrost put in the oven on air at 150 degrees for some min., careful not to toast too much.

Shopping list
500 ml. de leche.             ( milk)
150 gr. de mantequilla.     ( butter)
50 gr levadura de pan.      ( yest)
5 gr de azafran.                 ( saffron)
1 cucharilla de sal.            ( salt)
200 gr quark.                    ( quark)
200 ml. de azucar.             ( sugar)
1 huevo.                            ( egg)
1 kg harina de trigo.           ( wheat flour)

For decoration:
2oo ml de pasas de corinto.   ( corinto raisins)
1 huevo.                                  (egg)

Start with the saffron grinding it in a mortar, when it's powdery, add a spoon of sugar and continue grinding until you get hold of all the saffron. Heat the milk and the butter to "fingertemperature"  38 degrees, and whisk inn the yeast, if you can't find fresh yeast, use dry, normally each envelope contains 25 gr, so you will need two.
Whisk in the egg, the sugar, salt and the quark, I couldn't find the quark, so I used cream cheese instead, and it turned out beautifully, and in the end the flour  little by little, save some flour to roll out the dough later.
You can use an electric mixer or do it by hand, this time I did it by hand, and it was fine.

Put a tea towel over the bowl, and let rise for 30 min in a warm place, I use to have some warm water in the sink, and put the bowl  in the water,  the dough must doule it's own size, put a litttle flour on the worktop, and knead the doug for a while, then make a sausage  and cut in two, as shown on the picture, then divide every half in 4 portions, that makes 8 portions, every portion makes 6 or 7 Lussekatter, the shapes are as you see on the photos.

Place on he baking  platter covered with baking paper or silicone sheets, and set the owen on  40 degrees, let the  Lussekatter raise again for 10 min. inside the oven.

Take the oven platters out and preheat  the oven to 210 degrees,  on air, then cover the baking plates with a teatowel  each, and whisk the egg, paint the Lussekatter and put the sultana raisins in the loops.
First with one platter,  and program 8-9 min , then paint and put raisins on the second, and in the end on the third. They should be light golden, and so fluffy.Take off the baking plate and let chill on a rack.

For breakfast they don't need any accompaniment more than a coffe or a tea, but we started a little ahead and had some for tonight's dinner with a little cambozola (cheese mix of camenbert and gorgonzola) and a little raspberry jam, mummmmm.

The house smells of saffron.

We`ll have a try on theese
 for dinner tonight.

 And for breakfast tomorrow.....................

 The Lusecatter is a X-mas ckake , but I use the recipe the whole year, only I give them a round shape, and the half of the dough I mix inn the raisins, love it, but some of my family likes it better without, so the other half goes plain.

Sorry I`m a little late with the recipe, if you have the time during the week end, try it, guess you`ll love it as much as I do.

Night, night.

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