Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Oh my god!
Last week with friends and this afternoon with Berit, ginger cookie men and x-mas trees are flying over my head now. I realy admire the art work people do with cup cakes and cookies, it's really hard work, but in the end it's nice to have it done, and now it's a year till next time. 
We have nice afternoons, the beeing together , doing somthing different, and  we made the ordinary ones, of course with Norwegian recipe, this is CHRISTMAS. But Susana dropped in later, after closing her healt food shop, and asked me what kind of flour I used  for the dough, and then I got the idea of trying to do a vegan  variant, and it turned out very nice today.

The Ginger Family.
All of us working.

The shopping list
200 gr harina de espelta integral.              ( wholegrain spelt flour)
150 gr harina de soja.                                ( soy flour)
100 gr harina de almendras.                      ( almond flour)
150 ml. azucar .                                         ( sugar)
100 gr AOVE.                                           ( extra virgen olive oil)
100 ml. miel de caña.                                (molasses)
1/2 cucharilla jengibre.                              ( teaspoon ginger)
1/2 cucharilla de clavo molido.                  ( teaspoon clove spice)
1/2 cucharilla de pimienta blanca.             ( teaspoon white pepper)
2 cuharillas de canela.                                ( teaspoons cinnamon)
1 cucharilla de levadura.                            ( teaspoon bakingpowder)

Icing  o cobertura de azucar glass
1 clara de huevo.                                        ( egg white)
300ml azucar glaas.                                   (icing sugar)
1 cucharilla de zumo de limon.                  ( teaspoon lemon juice)
Colorante alimenticio rojo y verde.          ( food colouring red and green)

The olive oil, sugar and the molasses mixed together in a skillet, and heated over medium fire until the sugar disolves, and then add the spices, cinnamon, clove, pepper and ginger, and let boil for a min.  or two, take off the heat and let it chill.
In a bowl we mix the different flours and the baking powder  and add the molasses, sugar, oil and spices little by little, mixing all the time, you can use an electric mixer, but it's easy to mix with a wooden spoon too.
Make a dough ball, cover with plastic film and put in the fridge for at least 1 hour, I left it for at least 4 hours and that was too much, it was so hard to use the roller pin, and it must be about 3 mm thick before  you can stick out the figueres with the moulds. We had to knead a lot to get it softer, if you do your dough in advance, remember to take out of the fridge a couple of hours before use.
Use silicon sheets or baking paper ,and put in preheated oven, on air, at 180 degrees for 11-12 min., I put two  baking plates in the oven at the time.
Transfer to a rack, they are a little soft, but will get cookie consistence when chilling, we got 5 baking     platesput of this dough, and let cool completly.. before decorating.

To make the icing, whisk the egg white and the lemon juice to fluffy, and add the icing sugar litlle by little, until uou get a smooth white paste, divide into 3 containers, and use green and red food colouring to get the colour you like, and keep one white. Be careful not to take too much colouring, you need only a pinch to get the colour.

There are so many tools on the market now, it depends on how many of theese you are going to make during the year, I must confess that it will not be my case, so you figure out how much money you want to spend on this. We used chineese chop sticks, toothpicks, and small bottles with very thin 
mouth and normal fine paintbrushes Ask in the shop where you buy the food colouring, they can 
always help, at least in the shop I buy it they are wery helpful. I even bought a small container of gold dust, but I can't remeber how I had to use it, and since it's holiday today, I will call tomorrow and ask.
Will tell you how, later.

Any shape is good.

The "hard" work is the icing, and decorating.

The ginger family wishes you a good night.

Sleep well.

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