Monday, 8 July 2013


Fountains and water springs, Granada has lots of them.
In the summer while the temperature goes high, and if you visit Granada, don·t forget that dehydrating can be dangerus, so drink a lot of water.Always try to walk on the shadowy side wherever you go, it helps to wear a cap or a straw hat. Cool down every now and then on a terrasse with shadow, we have a lot of famous Heladerias (ice cream shops) . One of the best is;  Los Italianos, on Gran Via de Colon  number 4, just in front when you cross from El Zacatin towards Plaza Nueva, now the 3rd generation is selling their wonderful icecreams, and I would recomend a "Cassata".

                                                                 Piletas from Granada

                                                                  The Darro River

Along the Paseo de los Tristes, the water goes free,but it·s  channeled from Plaza Nueva  and all through the center of the town, it·s an affluent of the Genil River-

                                                                 The Dilar River

Pic nic table in the National Park

The Rio Dilar still comes strong with the melting water from Sierra Nevada.

If you like to cros the river......................

The colour of the water  tells the temperature.


  1. Hilde, tus fotos son maravillosas. Eres una auténtica artista. Un beso.

  2. Gracias Lourdes, todavia tengo mucho que aprender.Besitos.