Wednesday, 21 August 2013


The day has been specially hot  here in Granada,  in the morning I did some gardening, and some swimming in the pool,(water  is at 26 degrees , not even refreshing) and decided to do a cake, the recipeis from the Descalzas of Seville Nuns.
You have to be given a kind of sourdough, wich you add ingredients and keep for 9 days before you make the cake, sort of sponge cake with almonds and orange cests, it's so nice, I'm trying to make a recipe where no sourdough is needed, and will come back to it when it gets right. And at the time I had the oven warm, I made some "Doradas a la espalda" for lunch.

Manolito loves all kind of fish.
My daughter Andrea has a cat, called Manolito, and he is  always around the kitchen at lunch time, he has no watch, but comes home at the clock,wandering around to see if he has the chance of a treat for something, and I think he smells the fish and sea food from kilometers away.


Manolito helps to prepare the lunch.

Well, I do a trick here , normally all the fish a la espalda is made on the grill, but I found this way  to do it easier, I put a grill foil on an oven try, put a little olive oil and the fish , witch I ask to be prepared " a la espalda" when I buy it, with a little salt . Goes for 10 -12 min in the oven at 160 degrees.

Ready for th e oven.
While the fish is in the oven I peel and cut in slices  7 or 8 garlic cloves, and have some olive oil in a frying- pan, heat at medium level and fry the garlic and a whole chilli until the garlic is golden brown, take the chilli out,  and let the oil temperature go down, before you add 2 tablespoons of white wine vinager, and mix, when you take the fish out of the oven, put it on individual plates and spoon  the garlic and olive oil on top before serving. Easy, without fish smell in the kitchen and so tasty.

The dorada and the lubina you  buy , normally  is from fish- factory. So it's easy to find at  any market supermarket  here in Spain, normally the weight is about 500 gr. I do one fish per person, and do some steamed new potatoes to accompany.

And ready to enjoy.

I will come back tomorrow with the quinoa recipe, I'm so tired now, Andrea my doughter is going to Norway tomorrow morning, and there was a lot of things to prepare, she loves the thought of getting  to between 20 degrees max and 13 degees min temperature, and at this moment I think I'm a litte  envious.

So good night and sleep well.

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