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This is one of Susana Hontiveros, the ovner of the wonderful Health Shop, we have in my village, she is "full time vegetarian" and helps us with a lot of recipes, and from time to time, she gives us a cooking morning, 10 or 12 of us, we cook together the whole morning, and have a nice luncheon with what we cooked.
The best way of learning is doing it yourself. She has so many ideas, and even if we are not vegetarians here at home, we apreciate more and more of the vegan kitchen, the more you learn about it the more you like it.

300 gr espaguetis integrales finos (/thin spaghetti wholegrain is fine)
1 calabacin verde. ( green zucchini)
1calabacin amarillo. ( yellow zucchini)
2 zanahorias grandes. (big carrots)
1 puerro (leek)
200 gr tofu ahumado ( smoked tofu)
Aove. ( extra virgen olive oil)
Salsa soja. ( soy sauce)
Comino. (cummin)
Gingibre fresco. ( fresh ginger)
Sal y pimienta. ( salt and pepper)

I use to start divinding the tofu in pices like you se on the photo, and mix some soy sauce, the grated ginger and the cummin in a bowl, and let the tofu marinate 3-4 hoursin the fridge.

In time before my guest comes , I peel the carrots, and on my last trip to Norway I purchased a minestrone vegetable cutter, it looks like this, and it's very good for this dish, and saves a lot of time, I cut the carrots, the zucchinis, but the leek I cut with a sharp knife.

Take the tofu out of the marinade and have some oil, very little, only to cover the bottom of the pan, andI fry the tofu golden, on every side, it takes a little time, but it tastes and looks so good,
keep the marinade for later.

A little time before you expect the guests, woke the minestrone cutted vegetables, just for 2-3 min., and boil the spaguetti, I had some wholegrain Japaneese very thin, and it fitted very well, I buy it at the super at El Corte Ingles, when it's ready, put under a shower of cold water, and save.

At this stage just let it all rest, and at the moment of taking it to the tabel, heat the wok with the vegetables, put the spaghetties in together with the marinade from the tofu ( strain before use) and let simmer until hot, then put the tofu bites on the top. I use to take it to the table in the wok, then it keeps warm, and everybody can see how it's done.

I hope you are going to like it, I'll be back tomorrow with the Quinoa dish, and please give me some comments.
I just wanted to say to all of you, English is not my language, even if  in Norway we started early, at 10 years of age with English lessons at school, when I was young, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, some years has passed since then, now they start at kinder-garden.
16 years of running my Biggie Best shop, and travelling to lots of fairs to get new ideas, has made me not to forget, but anyway if I make a mistake, or if Google Translate make me do one, I hope you understand and forgive me, and please tell me if something is wrong.

Have a good week.

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