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Tomorrow we are going to Almuñecar,where the celebration of  Virgen del Carmen, in Almuñecar Virgen de la Antigua, in  almost every Spanish coast village she is protectoress of the fisher-men . She will be brought from the church down to the beach beside Peñon del Santo, the rock with the cross on the top. There she is boarded in a fishing-boat, all dressed up with flowers and flags, and she will be taken by boat to the Puerta del Mar beach, hundreds of boats will follow, and ther will be a huge musical firework, I think it's the most fantastic fire works I have ever seen, so don't miss it if you are in the aerea. The prosession starts at 08.00 pm from the church. Next week I will come back and share the experience.

Last weekend we had some friends for dinner, since not everybody is fond of vegan food, I thougt the menu must be something for every taste, but I reallly wanted to introduce these frieds to a vegan dish, thinking for some hours, I always want to do somthing that can be prepared in advance and just given a final tuch to serve..So here it comes;

                                               ************ MENU *************

                                                             ESPUMA DE MAR

                                                  VEGAN SPAGHETTI WITH TOFU
                                               QUINOA WITH APRICOT AND NUTS

                                                         TERIYAKI SPARE RIBS

                                                     LEMON ZEST CHEESE CAKE

Lefties of cheesecake.

I always use fresh flowers to finish the table, boxwood, silver pine and roses from the garden.

Espuma de Mar

This recipe is quite Norwegian, and you need to go to Ikea Food to get the real Sillrom, or you may find it in a deli selling scandinavian food, or you can use Huevas de Lompo.

2 botes de Sillrom                        (Huevas de Lompo)
1 cebolleta pequeña                      (small chive)
1 yogurt griego natural                  (natural greek yogurt)
1/2 terrina de queso fresco light     ( half box of  Philadelphia light kind of cheese)
Eneldo                                          (dill)
Sal y pimienta blanca                     ( salt and white pepper)

Start shopping the chive wery finely, mix with the cream cheese and the yogurt until it is smooth, use scissors to chop the dill , discharding  the branches, into the cheese mix. Then add the Sillrom and mix carefully , not breaking them, add pepper,and taste before you add salt, it might not need it.
I use to buy a big branch of dill, I cut it and freeze it in a glass container, so I always have it for hand, and use a small fork to take out what I need, we Scandinavians use dill in a lot of dishes.
Put in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Serve with "piquitos" or thin toasted white bread.

Tomorrow is National Holiday in Spain, the roads will be packed of cars, drive with care, and have a nice long week-end.

Will be back with rest of recipe next week.

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