Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I had to do something with this,I'm so sorry, this is the first time I use my Iphone for the travel posts, and I'm not satisfied with the result, so I will revrite this, the visit at Gala and Salvador Dali's house in Portlligat is so exiting, the artist bought several fishermens houses, and made this laberintic home.They lived  there more or less permanently from 1930 until 1982 when Gala died, and the artist moved to the Pubol Castle.
Here the visit goes through their more private part of the residence, on the ground floor, and on the first floor the studio with lots of objects related with the artistic activity, and the outside areas dedicated to their public life.

You can feel the genius all the time, during the visit.

Hall o the bear.

Portlligat fishing boats, the day was a little between sun and rain, but the temperature was fine.

Tree in boat at the beach.

Outside  ish sculpture.

The kitchen.

Detail from the kitchen.

This is a small window in a staircase, looking into the kitchen, this make you feel how  houses was built together by steps to comunicate the dierent levels.

The birds room, and library.

Outsides with wonderul views.

Gala modelling.

Their bed room.

Detail from the bedroom.

Dali's bath room-

From Dali's studio.
Here you can see the huge tripod, invented by Dali himself, and take a look at the floor, there is a groove so he could hoist his canvases up and down, and always sit on the same place painting.

Galas private living room.


Summer dining room.

Detail from summer dining room.

Here is my man .

Pigeon House.

Egg on the roof.

Cup Planter.

Could be a disco decoration of today.

The pool.

Pool side details.

Light-house lamp in the middle.

Plastic Michelin man and my grandmother's swan vases.

The pool side invites to stay.

Wiew of the house and  the Portlligat beach.

From the house.

Christ of the rubbish.

Window in the wall wiew.

This was a rich personal and professional visit, as a home designer I saw so many curious details, all the way the mix between old and new,the modern and the classic, the symmethry is often repeted, very inspiring indeed. I you are in the area of Barcelona or Gerona, take the trip here, and Cadaques is such a nice village 

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