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This morning I went with a friend to Las Gabias Golf Club to practice, I started 2 years ago, still I'm on handicap 36, and it's a difficult sport, but it's so nice, all the greens, the  lakes, when the countryside is so dry and yellow, it makes me feel a little like at home.  We had breakfast at the club house, runned by the ovner of a very nice restaurant  San Cayetano in Churriana , a village outside Granada. Everyday a 3 dishes menu for lunch, nice tapas, and from the terrace a wonderful view over the Golf Court and countryside, life can't be better.

After 3 hours practicing, I feel so good and I think I will participate in the "Liga de damas" this year, durig 10 months from September ,a championship once a month for the ladies at our Golf Club.

My husband Armando plays since 30 years ago, so I have to pick up a bit here, I started so many times, but the work in my shop, all the travel, my customers, so much to hang my fingers  on, I really  coudn't find the time to continue.

But now, no shop, no travel to fairs, I do some free-lance decotating, but have enough time to dedicate a morning or two every week to the golf, and I'm so happy I didn't give up this time.

We where in The Lofoten Icelands in Norway last year, and met some "girls" there, they travelled by boat for 1 hour, then by car from another hour to play golf , in the summer you can play 24 hous a day, by the midnight-sun, quite a lot of incovenienc to practice a sport, and they said " Don't give up", here we have the best Golf Courts, the best weather, so at that moment I promised myself, and the " girls", even if I'm never going to be a 0 hancicap player, I won't give up this time. Have a look at :

Manolito ended up like this.
We had such fun yesterday, Manolito was so interested in our fish lunch, and the quinoa recipe had to wait, but here it comes;


Quinoa.                              ( quinoa)
2 o 3 albaricoques.             ( apricots)
2 dientes de ajo.                 ( garlic cloves)
3 cucharas de piñones.       ( pine kernels)
3 cucharas de arandanos.   (Cranberries)
2 cucharas de AOVE.        ( virgen extra olive oil)
Sal                                      ( salt)
Comino.                             (Cummin)

Start rincing the quinoa, I use a lot of it, and do a couple of handfuls, and keep the rest in the fridge for salads or woks,. Cook for 12 min. , take away from the heat, but leave it for another 5 min. before you     &nbsp strain , and save.
In a dry frying-pan toast the pine kernel , 4-5 min. and save.
Then peel and chop the garlic cloves, the apricots and the cranberries finly, have  a little olive oil in a frying-pan, middle heat, fry the garlic first, carefully it must not be burnt, then add the apricots. In the time of fresh apricots you use the fresh ones, peeled, rest of the year use the dried ones, now it's a little late, so I used nectarina instead, peach will also do ( must not be soft).
Add the quinoa, the cummin and the cranberries, give it 2-3 min. to heat, and add the pine kernels.
Last week in Almuñecar, my friend Pedro, the owner of a vegetable and fruit shop, gave me a packet of mustard leaves, I didn't know very well what to use it for, but I chopped it and added it to the quinoa, and it worked out wonderfully.
This dish is best served temperate, but next day, if you have lefties, I find it good at room temperature, if not put in the micro wave for some seconds.

It was even a big box, so the next night I made an omelette adding the mustard leaves,  (chopped) I recomend you to try it, an easy and tasty dish, just with some tomato slices on top, and a nice piece of bread. E

The quinoa with mustard leaves.

From Pedro's Frutas y Verduras
Cariñena, 18

By the pool-

Summer reading in the after.noon.

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