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Hello, hello, this is , after the paella, the second national recipe of Spain, normally potatoes,eggs and olive oil. Since very long time ago, in every house there was always potatoes from the family plot, eggs from ones own hens, and oil from ones own olive trees.
So it was easy, tasty and fills up a lot with a nice pice of bread, in Spain, the bread never misses at the lunch and dinner table.
I made a small variation and put in a lot of onion and zucchini, makes a real good taste, and maybe feel a little lighter.

The shopping list:
2 calabacines.                    ( zucchini)
2 cebollas.                         ( onion)
2 patatas.                           ( potatoes)
Sal.                                    ( salt)
Extra virgen olive oil.       ( extra virgin olive oil)
4 huevos.                           ( eggs)

Start peeling and cutting the vegetables as you see on the photo, rince and strain well.

Put the extra virgen olive oil in a frying pan, heat at medium fire, and carefully add the veggies, use a wooden spoon to mix, all must be coated sith the oil, add some salt, and cover, the oil should be bubbling  softly.      a fter 6-7 min, turn the veggies, they should not be toasted, turn again, and when you see the colour gets more yellow, transfer the veggies to a strainer, the olive oil,strained, can be kept in a closed container for another use.

In a large bowl, beat the eggs with a little salt, and now we add the potato/zuccini//onion mix, like you see on the photo. Heat up the frying pan again to medium, cover the bottom and sides with a little oil, just like a film only.

Add all to the pan and use a spatula, to make the border round and nice. When you see the egg start to solidify, using a big plate, you turn the tortilla upside down, and transfer from the plate to the frying pan again to get cooked on the other side, help yourself with the spatula.

The first one I made 34 years ago got burned on one side, but the second turned out nicely, my husband likes the high, rare done and soft tortilla, some people likes it flatter and well done, if you want the second option, use a bigger frying pan.

This is easier than it looks like, when you get used to the trick on how to turn, and I like it not too hot, so I can prepare it a couple of hous in advance.
Accompany with a salad and fresh white bread.

The tortilla is normally cut in wedges.

This s yummy summer food too.

I think you are going to love it.

Easter week is very near, do you go to Spain for your holiday?
Next post I`ll tell you a little about the catholic easter traditions.


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