Monday, 15 April 2013


Today i have visited the nice shop Susana runs here in the village of Otura, the best smell of baked bread in there, I'm so happy about the way she runs it, all helthy products, and a lot of helthy advice.

Susana Hontiveros with one kind of her fantastic breads.

Really my interest of healthy life startet 2 years ago, after coming out of the hospial after an acute pericarditis attack. I didn't feel well, and went through several analitics, gastroscopy, and heart, lungs, stomach, all was tested but the doctors really coudn't find a reason for my ill beeing. I was a little overwight, so I began dieting, the doughter of a friend since a lot of time a go, is a nutritionist, and she was doing a master at the time, so we started. Again with analitics, weight and messures, and we sat up a time-table for eating and exercise.( try to take two bags with 7 or 8 kilos of rice one in each hand and go up and down some stairs for a couple of times, I was exhausted after 3 times, and then realised what my heart had to work extra for dragging a long with these extra kilos).

First of all 5 meals a day, I marked a every 3 hours , when my breakfast had been for as long as I can remember now, a black coffe and a cuple of cigaretts.
Chew each bite 25-30 times( in the beginning I had to count, but now it goes on it's on it's own).
Don't drink much during the meal, 2 liters a day is good, but outside the meal times.
Have the food on a small plate.
Thank for the food you are going to eat, and have the meal in a confortable place with the ones you love.

Breakfast a cup of tea or coffe, a wholegrain toast with olive oil, some days with diced tomato , some days with cooked ham and a kiwi.
At noon some fruit and tea or water.
For lunch vegetables, cooked or salad, fish or chiken.
In the afternoon a small toast and a tea again.
The dinner some vegetables, pasta or fish.

I started to loose weigt , slowly, some weeks a kilo some weeks only 100 grams, in the beginning I was aloud to weigh every week, after 4 months every 2 weeks, i went to the " farmacia" so I had the ticket printed out with the date and the weight, slowly but with mayor well-beeing and lost 20 kilos in 8 months.

I also got in touch with a doctor who practise ancient chineese medicin, and he foumd out that my left kidney didn't work wery well, my stomach has some small disorders, and my blood stream is extreamly slow, from him I got natual remedys ,and a long list of food that are good, neutral or bad for me.

I bought a lot of the stuff, like algae,, lots of beans as azuki, red lentils, chick peas,soy, black beans, then quinoa, amaranth,millet,miso,tofu, sarraceno wheat, and lots of things I newer cooked before, I started cooking , looked at recipes on the net, but I didn't get the taste and lots of it went in the bin, nobody at home wanted to eat this.

When you get sorted out what you like, the posibilities for vegan cooking is huge.

And then Susana was sent to rescue me ( and part of my family), she opend her Eco- Bio-Karbieri health food, where she apart from selling, bakes, cooks and make her small vegan specialities ,and holds cooking-lessons ,tells you how is the best way to mix and match ,all lovely ingredients, she is vegetarian, I'm not, but I like so much of the vegan cookining.

Lots of vegans vould love to visit Susanas shop, i think.

And most important, I feel as I came back to life.


Do you live in Spain and want to know more , just. e-mail ;

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