Friday, 6 September 2013


Hi again, I know that I'm very late with the Cheese Cake recipe , from the post Friends for dinner.
In the summer it's difficult to organize the posts, some thing is always happening, and I want to tell you about it. I'm still new on blogging, very much to learn still, and I would love to have your comments, both good and bad , one always learn of the mistakes, and nobody regret some nice words.

These roses may be the last of this year, so I want to share them with all of you and thank you for the interest for my blog.


Shopping list

150 gr. Galletas Maria.         ( Maria type cookies)
60gr. Mantequilla.                 (Butter)

Cookies and butter.
You crush the cookies into very small pices, I use the food processor on half  level, or you can put it in a plastic bag and use the rolling pin , then melt the butter, and mix both well, cut a baking paper to the shape of the bottom of the baking pan, and have some butter on the sides of it. And then fill in the mix, and press with your hands so it gets as compact as possible. Save.

Ingredients for the cream
Now you make the filling, in an electric mixer  beat the egg protein until stiff. In another recipient , using the mixer again, add the rest of the ingredients, mix  for 6-7 min. It must be foamy, and then carefully you  add the stiff protein, the consistence of the cake when finished, depends on how foamy this cream is.

350gr. Queso Philadelphia.    ( Philadephia type cheese)
150 gr. Azucar.                        (Sugar)
125 ml. Nata.                          (Cream)
1 y 1/2 cucharada de harina.   ( flour)
Ralladura de 1 limon.              (Zest of 1 lemon)
3 Yemas de huevo.                  (Egg yolks)
3 Claras de huevo a punto de nieve.  (Protein whisked stiff)

Here the protein,  the whisked ingredients and the lemon zest.

Fill this mixture on the top of the cookie mix, and put in preheated owen at 170 degrees for 1 hour, do not open the owen door, only if it starts to get brown, then put a baking paper on the top quickly.
Ready for the owen.

Once out of the owen, use a sharp knife around the sides of the baking pan, and transfer to a serving dish.

This happens sometimes, it cracks when it comes out of the owen.
Ready to taste, hope you will enjoy it.

I think this is such a tasteful cake, that I don't use any marmelades on top, the spongy consistens,and the lemon taste is enough for me, but you can always try and sometimes have some fresh strawberries or raspberries beside, I used figs this time, depending on the season, and what you can find on the market.

Not much left.

Figs from a friends garden.

The dinner with friends was, as always worth the work of preparing it, and when you see how they enjoy all you prepared, it's a great satisfacction. Also to give a try on some vegan  food to non vegetarians was really nice.

Have a good night, and a happy week end.


  1. Tienes un blog estupendo, me he encantado conocerlo, me quedo por aquí a seguirte. Un beso,

  2. Desde este momento sigo tu blog y te visitare cada vez que pueda....
    Hoy me has cautivado las flores me encantan en especial las rosas y la receta muy buena y esos higos me tienen la boca salivando sin parar.... mira que me gustan y este año no los he comido. Besos