Monday, 9 September 2013


Tomorrow my man and me are going or a car-holiday one week more or less (hope more), and we leave these best friends at home with our youngest dougther, going to miss them all, they are so much love, much fun, always beside one, if I'm tired they just lay down by my feet, when I put my walking shoes on, Rey starts a dance around me, And Comte always put his nose in my pocket, he knows there is some snack.
Nicky belongs to my oldest doughter and lives with her , but comes here often, and she is a real Lady .

My dog Rey is 7 years old, and he is both father and mother for Manolito, the cat who is  1 1/2 year-
Hot summertime for both.

Manolito is a strange cat, he comes for walks in the fields, and where my husband is doing something, there is Manolito, here electric work.

Always together.

Nicky doesn't live with us, but comes to visit us often, she has such beautiful eyes.

Manolito controlling the pool.

Siesta for Manolo.
Tthis foto is from last winter, we had a lot of snow in Otura, and Rey loved to play outside.

This is our beauty, Comte du Maquis, he lives in a Riding Club, but we see him every day, and Rey loves to come along.

Comte eating some greens.
Manolo finishing the electric work.

Nicky is modelling today.

Manolitos second siesta.

Wish you all a good week, I hope you love and enjoy the animals as much as we do.

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