Thursday, 5 September 2013


The 15th of  August every year Almuñecar celebrate  the feast of " La Virgen de la Antigua", the patroness of the city.
The image is venerated of the people in Almuñecar since the XV centuryI, very little information exists, and not very reliable,  the legend tells that she appeard in a well in the Antiga Street, and  you can still see the well.
It's a policromated wooden image, covered in a kind of silver dress, and more of the history you can find patronalmuñ
As my husband's half part is from Almuñecar, he never misses the 15th of August, the prosession from the church and down to the beach, where she is embarked, and the boat is rown from the San Cristobal beach to the Puerta del Mar beach, followed by hundreds of boats , and the fireworks. Starting on the beach, then follows from the San Miguel Castle, then to the rocks in the sea called Los Peñones, and from the water, followed all the time by music.

I will make a mention for the farmers in Almuñecar, a reinstorm last week destroyed the production of  chirimoya and avocado, a lot of families are going to miss their income this year, the first fruitsof the  season was almost ready to harvest, I'm so sorry for all of them.
Take a look at " Chirimoya denominacion de origen " in Facebook.

La Antigua Street, the well on the left side.
 The event takes place every 15th of August, the fireworks are the most impressive I have ever seen, and every year it seems better than the year before.

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