Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Hello again, hope you had a fine week end, the temperature here is getting to normal for the end of june and last night we could celebrate San Juan in the garden accompanied by friends and the full moon, the shortest night of the year. We jumped 3 times over the fire, made 3 wishes, and washed our face at midnight (to be more beautiful ).

 Even if we moved to a village 14 km outside Granada some years ago, it doesn't mean we forgot Granada, we still love to go back to the historic and beautiful places like El Albayzin.
World Heritage Site since1994, all cobblestone narrow streets and plazas, the most famous Plaza de San Nicolas, where you have the best wiews for Alhambra, both day and night-time.

Cobblestone stairs and wiew over Granada.
The way up is steep, but you can get the mini- bus ( number 31 ) from Plaza Nueva, you go up by the bus, and then use the morning walking around, living the life among the albaycineros, the houses, walled, but with gardens inside are called "Carmen", they where very popular as summer residences for wealthy people from Granada, but lately the inhabitants lives here permanently.

Lots of typical bars, and don't make the mistake to go to the most fashion looking, go where you see Spanish people, I went with my doughter Andrea this time, and we had breakfast in one of the traditional bars, coffe and toast with smashed raw tomatosauce, some olive oil and salt, best way to begin the day, also "churros" is a very traditional Spanish breakfast, with hot choclate or cafe-latte to dip them in. Breakfast on a bar is a MUST HAVE for Spanish people.

Early breakfast in a typical bar.

Frying churros, this is an art , even if it isn·t the healthiest breakfast.


Cobblestone,  the new generation can learn this art again in Granada.
After the coffe and toast, we continued towards the view point, Plaza San Nicolas, the view over the Alhambra is breath taking, every time, and I can tell you I have been here a lot of times, taking family and friends. Just counted that I visited Alhambra 8 times the last year, and one of the visits was an Iluminated Night Tour, fantastic.

Carlos V Palace ,Alhambra and the remaining snow in Sierra Nevada.

At the moment, from 21 of June to 12 of July you have The International Music and Dance Fetival, " Festival Internacional de musica y danza de Granada", Conserts, ballet and flamenco performed in the Carlos V Palace, the Patios of Alhambra, and the gardens of Generalife.
You can have a look at the program and even buy the tickets here:

Lots of artists come to paint The Albayzin.


The narrow streets to preserve the shadow and lower temperatures.

We continued the Caldereria street where you have shops of  North African craft, such as slippers, jewlery, pottery and you have  small  tea bars, "teterias" who also serve  food , and sweets .


We went home for lunch after a refreshing drink ,and all the bars  in Granada will give you a free tapa ,I come back tomorrow with the sunday lunch recipe, have a good night.

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