Thursday, 28 November 2013


My God, what a cold month November turns out to be, don't know how many of you, my dear readers are in Spain at the moment but I never lived an November month as cold as this. In Granada we are used to low temperatures, sometimes it even snows, but normally in January,February, maybe in the end of Dicember. The sun is shining, so middays are not too bad, but this morning my garden table was frozen and it made this butiful pattern, and just a couple of Celcius, this is almost like Norway now.


Sometimes, not very often, I hunger for some meat, and one of my favorits are the Steak Tartar, lucky me, the butcher I have here in Otura, breads his own calfs, and we can always have nice veal, I choose the bit I want myself, the wonderful tenderlion, the veight about 2 kilos, is the best, and from that I make my minced meat.

Here comes the shopping list
For 4-5 persons
1 kg  solomillo de ternera.                 ( beef tenderlion)
2-3 yemas de huevo.                         (egg yolks)
1 cebolla pequeña.                            ( small onion)
2 pepinillos en vinagre grandes.         ( big oickled cucumber)
2 cucharillas de alcaparras.                (teaspoons of capers)
Mostaza dulce y de Dijon.                  ( sweet and Dijon mustard)
Tabasco.                                            ( Tabasco sauce)
Sal y pimienta.                                    ( salt and pepper)
1 chupito de Vodka.                           ( shot of Vodka)

I use to start mincing the meat, I like to do it muself, then I can take away fat and gristles, and leave only the clean meat ( Rey, my dog, is very happy about this) then it goes in the freezer for a co,e of hours, and now I cut, need a very sharp knife, as thin slices, almost scraping the meat, put in a bowl and save.
Then I chop the onion a lot, it must be very small fragments when ready, the picled cucumber the same , very tiny pieces.
Then use a bowl apart to get the yolks clean of the egg whites, depending on the size I use 2 or 3,( You can use the whites for a protein omelette later, just with a pinch of salt and some chives, it turns out very good)
And now the big moment is here, put all the ingredients into the meat bowl, I know some places where they do a mayonnaise with the egg yolks and some olive oil, but I prefere the Vodka bit, it makes an interesting taste.

 I use a topped teaspoon of sweet mustard and a small teaoon of the Dijon mustard, and careful with the Tabasco, put in  3-4 drops and taste. You can always add more, but not take it away, and you must notice all the other flavors, mix well, and put in the fridge, for 10-15 min. This is a make and eat imediatly dish.You can prepare all of it ahead , but separatly, and mix just before plattering.
If some of your guests are happy with very hot food, put the Tabasco on the table, and let them help themselvs.

Make a nice hamburger like shape, have some capers on the top, and serve with deepfried potatoes, or simle white bread toasts, my husband likes the potatoes, but the rest ogf us wants toast, a Chiabatta bread is the best.
And even more important is a good bottle of Ribear del Duero or Rioja vine. Cheers!!!!!!

On our trip to France in Sptember, we had Steak Tartar for dinner, and it was quite good, the meat was placed int the middle of the plate, and all the ingredients around it, it looked very nice in the beginning,, but I  find it nicer to have it mixed before platted.

Today I have bought some X-mas presents, I will wrap rhem tomorrow, and put them in my suitcase, after 38 years living in Spain, it's the second time  I celebrate  christmas  in Norway,

There was always the girls, my husband and me working in Sierra Nevada,  then my shop during 18 years, so much we couldn't leave, but  22 of Dicember

 NORWAY, HERE WE COME FOR X-MAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are you celebrating your x-mas ??????
Night, night.

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