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Visit Almuñecar, if you don't know it, I'm sure you are going to love it.

Almuñecar is a small town on the coast ,called "Costa Tropical" south of Granada, it has around 27.000 citizens, and it has a subtropical climate. It's the most important turistic place on the Granada coast, and wery popular for the people from Granada both for week-ends and summer holidays.

The sculpture of in honour of the Phoenicians on the Paseo Maritimo.

Almuñecar began as a Phoenician colony named Sexi about 800 BC, and was an important port and a large fish salting and curing industry, wich you can see the archaelogical evidence of , inside  the beautiful botanical park  called "El Majuelo", uncovered in the 1970 -80.

The Botanical park El Majuelo.
Other archeological founds, most from the Phoenician cementrys, are displayed in the museum of the "San Miguel Castle" and the "Cueva de Siete Palacios".

The Romas came to Southern Spain during the Second Punic War between Rome  and Carthage in 218BC, and during 700 years Román colonial made the industry prosper and rebuilding. This industry not onely requirered a large amount of fish and sea salt, but also a supply of fresh running water. The Romans in the 1st century AD built water conduits.   in the valleys of Rio Seco and Rio Verde, including 5 aqueducts, still standing, and 4 of them in use still, after 2000 years.
The Moors adapted them over the centuries to irrigation of the fields, supplying the town, and recent excavations in the town center discovered the 5th aqueduct and the Roman baths.

The Turist Office "Oficina municipal de Turismo" in the beautiful "La Najarra " palacete,Avda. De Europa s/n ,Almuñecar, organize guided walking tours  all the year, as you see this little town has a great history, and much too see and live, so I will come back with more.

La Najarra Palace .
Email : turismo@almunecar.info
Webb: www.almunecar.info

The Turist office has a wonderful garden containing a dolls-house and several amonites.

Typical street in Almuñecar.

 And having a walk up the hill to the old town, what did I see.................

For sale, What????????????? Just open the window and you can see

The wiew and the ground for sale.


Must add some flowers.

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