Monday, 7 October 2013


Andrea and Comte de Maquis.

End of the week end, end of the week, must start thinking of following week, my daughter Andrea started at the University last week, and she is a very buisy lady, in the morning riding lessons, then training her beloved Comte de Maquis, lunch and school she is studies art, from half past three to half past nine. Long day, and I try to make healthy and different lunch boxes for her every day. We made, for the moment, a kind of timetable for the lunches for 3 weeks, not to repeat the food every week, she does a lot of training, and she specially needs proteins, but also vegetables, and fruit.
Some days my man and I cook the lunch for us, and that lunch goes for her next days lunch box.

Saturday i prepared this meatloaf, containing both veal and chicken, it was our lunch today and Andrea's lunch for tomorrow,  easy to pack, and acompaned by a salad and the mustard mayonnaise and a pice or two of fruit , she can work the day through.

The ingredients.

Shopping list

600 gr. carne de ternera                (veal)
600 gr. pechuga de pollo                (chicken breast)
75 gr. jamon serrano                       ( serrano ham)
4 cucharadas de cebolla frita          ( fried onion, I use the Ikea Food one)
2 huevos                                        (eggs)
3 cucharadas de pan rallado            ( bead crumbs)
3 cucharadas de vermouth              (Martini or other vermuth)
3 cucharillas de sesamo tostado      ( roasted sesame seeds)
1 cucharilla de paprika ahumado     ( smoked paprika)
! cucharilla de ajo en polvo              (garlic powder)
1 cucharilla de pimienta blanca         (white pepper)
1 cucharilla de sal rosa de Himalaya (pink salt from Himalaya)

My butcher pics the meats for me, and do the      picado, at the moment, so I only have to mix them.

put the meat mix and all the ingredients in a big bowl, and mix all with a wooden spoon, then I have a little olive oil and then some bread clumbles in the      molde,  then it's easier to take it out when finished.
The pink Himalaya Salt, I buy from my friend Susanas health food shop, we all wanted to cut down on the salt, and this is so tasty, that I use less of the half than I used of "normal" salt.
Fill in the mould, and press hard with your hand, take a little water on the top, to make it soft and    glatt.

The roasted meatloaf.
Put in the oven preheated on 180 degrees for 45 min, try with a  pinne,  if it comes out clean, the loaf is done.

Mustard Mayoonaise

3 cucharadas de mostaza                    (mustard)
3 cucharadas de mayonesa                 (mayonnaise)
3 cucharadas de nata                          (cream)
Eneldo                                                (fresh dill)
Albahaca unas hojas                            (fesh     
Sal y pimienta                                     (salt and pepper)

Mix the ingredients, here again I used the Dill Mustard from Ikea Food, if not use a sweeter kind of mustard, and finely shpo the dill into the mayonnaise, taste for salt and pepper, set in the fridge for at least a couple of hours, and chop the albahaca leves on the top at serving time. Serve in a bowl apart, and the meatloaf cut in slices of  an half centimeter or what thickness you prefere yourself.

I have to share my wonderful Jasmin, it's now three years old, and has so much flowers, and it smell so good all over the garden.

Have a good start on this new week.

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