Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Now we are going forward to shorter afternoons, it gets dark really soon now, but anyway the fall has it's good sides too, specially those coming from the earth, my husband came home last week with buckets of almonds, collected from a neighbors almond trees.
We only have to crack the shells, I'm not very good at it, I crack the whole almond into bites, but my man has all the patience,  it gives a lot of shells from so little almonds.

Cracking almonds.

I like to roast them for 15 min. or so, in the owen, then toss with a spoonful of AOVE ( Virgen extra olive oil) some fresh rosemarin and Maldon salt, best and healthiest snack in the world. We have finished a lot of the harvest this way.

Pommegranates (granadas),walnuts (nueces) and quinces(membrillos), my daughter Berit and her husband Seve came for lunch on sunday and brought this fanstastic basket from the country side.

I`ll come back with some recipes later, the pommegaranat, is wonderful in salads and fruit salads.

Do go to the market and buy some if you didn't try already, and have a happy week ,and do benefit yourself with the "Veranillo de los Membrillos".
The Spanish people call it this way when we have some extra warm days in the autumn.

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