Tuesday, 8 October 2013


This morning I picked these beautiful flowers from a huge flower pot I have in the garden, I planted a lot of bulbs this spring, and a lot of leavs has grown all the summer, but no flowes, until last week. I love these surprises from the nature.

One of the salads we love at this time of the year is the following, so tasty, and so easy.

Shopping list
1 col mediana.        ( medium size cabbage)
1 granada.               ( pommegranate)
4 dientes de ajo.      ( garlic cloves)
3 cucharas de AOVE ( virgen extra olive oil)
1 qcucharadas de sirope de agave ( agave syrup)
Sal y pimienta blanca ( salt and white pepper)

Start to peel and cut the garlic in thin slices,and save.
Then part the cabbage in two, and use a mandoline or a cheese cutter to cut it very thin, sabe in a bowl you can use for the table . then peel the pommegranate and put the fruit into the same bowl.

In a small frying pan, heat the AOVE, and fry the sliced garlic until light brown, take the pan apart for a moment, and toss over the salad ( while it's hot still), add the agave syrup, salt and pepper for your taste, and mix.

Reday to enjoy, together with any kind of grilled meat or chicken, We had it tonight with some cheese toasts.

The oranges in my garden starts to get colour now.       

Did you know that the citrus trees are the only ones that have mature, inmature fruit and blossoms at the same time, the blossoms from the oranges are called "Flor de Azahar" many squares especially in Valencia, Malaga,Cordoba and Seville, are decorated with orange trees and the smell when all are in blossom can be overwhelming.
It is also used as perfume or  cologne,  the flowers are macerated in alcohol, and from the acid  oranges, the ones you find in streets and squares , they are not  edible, but becomes the nice "Agua De Azahar".

Sleep well  and try to find it, it makes the best natural air freshner for your home.


  1. Jo que pinta!!
    Oye estoy de concurso y no recuerdo si te he invitado, pero me encantaria contar contigo y tus maravillosas recetas.
    El premio es un lote de productos de reposteria creativa que te va a encantar.
    Un besazo

    1. Hola de nuevo corazón!!
      Vengo a devolverte la visita y a contestar tu pregunta, claro que puedes participar, no importa el idioma en el que escribas, siempre que la receta sea tradicional.
      Un besito mi niña