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Hi again, today I want to present one of my man's dishes, he is a very good cook, he likes to be in the kitchen, and best of all, he cleans up while he is cooking. And he makes really tasty dishes, he is a fish lover, and has a big repertoare, here comes the first recipe-

This silverspoon from 1910, belonged to my grandmother Inga, who gave it to my daughter Berit when she was born.
The history of this recipe comes from the middle size fisherboats, the fishing is one of Spain's  most important industry,  864 000 tons are fished every year, from about 11 000 boats, employs more than 60 000 fishermen and 160 000 people involved with the fishing industry. Every spanyard  consume 42 kg of fish products per year.( in the EU 25,7 kilos per person/year).
They may go out for several days and the crew must have their food every day, so this is one of the typical fisher mens recipe, men working hard for lots of hours need food to keep them strong.
In the winter the sea is cold, so they also need calories and carbohydrates apart from the protein the fish can contribute. I think this dish has got it all.
Ahhh, and they rest on sundays, so if you want to buy fresh fish in Spain, never do it on a Monday, and this is why the fish stalls on the marketplaces are closed too.

Shopping list ( for 4 pers.)
4 calamares medianos.                 ( medium size squids)
4 patatas grande.                          ( big potatoes)
3 tomates maduros.                      ( ripe tomatoes)
1 cebolla.                                     ( onion)
2 dientes de ajo.                           ( garlic cloves)
100 gr. de almendras sin piel.      ( skinless almonds)
1 pizca de azafran en hebra.        ( saffron)
AOVE.                                         ( Extra Vigen olive oil)
750 ml. Caldo de pescado.           ( fish broth)
250 ml.. Vino blanco.                   ( white vine)

The best is to have your squids cleaned at the fish stand, but if it's not possible, clean them and cut into rings of one cm. If you don't dare you can always buy the squid rings clean and ready cut.
Start  boiling some water, an put the tomatoes in for 1 min., then they are easier to peel, when peeled you can cut in small cubes or grate them.
Then peel and chop the onion and the garlic cloves, in a skillet, heat 3 tablespoons of extra virgen olive oil, then add the onion and garlic. Chop the almonds a little, and add to the skillet, fry for 3-4 min. An then add the tomatoes, let all fry for 10 min, if you don't like the acid of the tomatoes add a teaspoon of sugar.  Now you peel the potatoes and part them into large pieces.
Add the squid and continue cooking for 3-4 min. , then add the wine , the saffron and the fish broth.
When it start to boil, add the potatoes, and try for salt,
Put the heat to low speed and let simmer for 20 min. until  the potatoes are done.
The result should be a thick soup, if needed add a little more fish stock.

Serve with white bread accompanied with a little ali oli.
                                 We do this as a main dish, and serve a green salad as a side dish.

This recipe has the benefit that any firm fish, for example cod, can replace the squids if  you can`t find or don`t like them.
A comforting dish on cold days.

I will post a recipe for Valentine`s Day tomorrow on my Spanish blog, you are welcome to have a look.


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  1. Delicioso...un riquisimo plato marinero....Buen fin de semana.