Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hello there, today I had the first Pilates training of this year, it was good to strech out, but I guess tomorrow I will have shoelace ( is this the right way to write when a lot of muscles ache ?). But a couple of hours a week is good, I have a shoulder that often hurts in the cold season, and the Pilates  makes the pain go away , hope this time too. And with the help of my nettle infusion, I buy it dry in the health food shop, 2 table spoons og dry nettle leaves in 1/2 liter of water, boil the water and let the nettle infkuse for 5-6 min., strain, and drink a couple of glasses of this evrey day, it' very good for the cartilage.

I often tell you, we love to cook the vegetables of each season, and try to buy the veggies forme the local farmers, if possible directly from them. The winter offers more "heavy stuff" , like all kinds of root veggies, cabbage, couliflower, brussels sprouts, pumpkins, squash, leeks and spinach.
In the everyday kitchen, we do soups, stirfry in the wok, in tempura, on the BBQ .And why not, in the owen?
We do it a lot, specially when we are a crowd for lunch or dinner, all can be prepared in advance, and just go in the oven for 20-30 min, depending on how big the slices or pieces are.
You can choose a lot of spices as well, try your own preference, we use it for main dish, to accompany some chicken, some fish or a simple fried egg. And so comforting in the winter, wich turns out to be quite cold in Granada this year, but the spring is around the corner, and we have a little longer afternoons now.

I love veggies, and think they look delisious, but my man want something more consistent, so for him I top with some fried bacon or serrano ham.

You can start lining a baking plate with a baking sheet, and preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
In a quite big bowl, mix the extra virgen olive oil, the grated ginger, the cummin,the soy sauce, the agave sypup, salt and pepper, mix and save. 
Then cut the pumpkin in small cubes, divide the cauwliflower in posies, and peel and cut the brussel sprous in two, add the beggies to the olive/spice mix , I do it one kind at the time, it looks nicer, they must be coated all over with this mix. Then line up on the baking paper, and put in the oven until they are " al dente" and slightly golden brown.

Then transfer to a serving plate and decorate with finly chopped chives.
I have a funny pair of scissors that does this work wery quick, see the photo, it was a gift from my daughter Andrea, as I always messed so much cutting dill, we Norwegians can't live without our dill, but it's fine for basil, mint , any fresh herbs.

You must give me the chance to tell you again, that English is not my native language, so please forgive me if I write something wrong.
Do you speak Spanish? Then have a look at:

They smell so nice now.

Have a peaceful sleep, and a good rest of the week.


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