Monday, 21 October 2013


Hope you all had a good weekend, and enjoyed the unusual good wheater we have at this time of the year, fall is coming slowly, wonderful sunny days, but nights are getting slowly colder, and  the leaves on the trees along my preferent walking track along the Rio Dilar are yellowing. This weekend we have stayed home, but with the nice visit of my uncle and aunt( my motehers youngest sister ) from Norway.
It's always so nice to have the family around, with some nice meals, glasses of  wine, a walk in the coutry side , in the old town of Granada, and for me to chat in Norwegian,wich I don't have many occations to do.

I had some dishes prepared when they arrived on friday, and they where so amused aboat the Vegan chocolate musse, so I share the recipe with all of you.

Shopping list

1 calabaza mediana.                      ( medium size  butternut squash)
6 cucharadas de cacao en polvo.    ( cocoa)
1 taza de almendras.                      ( almonds)
6 cucharadas de sirope de agave.    ( agave surup)
3 cucharadas de leche de coco.        ( coconut milk)
3-4 cucharadas de almendra laminada ( laminated almonds)

Start peeling the almonds, I use to put some water into yhe cup and let it micro wave for 2 min. Then it's so easy to peel, put on a kitchen towel or paper to dry.
Then peel and cut the butternut in big slices as I show on the photo, then wrap in   Aluminio. , and cook in the owen for 45 min. ( pinch with a knife to see if its soft all through.. Then leave to cool a little, I have done this for a couple of times before, but this last time it was quite humid, so I had to press the liquid out pressing it in a strainer  with a wooden  spoon.

Put the almonds in the food processor, start on medium , and slowly go up yo fast speed, it should be like flour, then add the butternut sqash, the agave sypup,the cocoa, and the coconut milk, and let the food processor run for a couple of min. , until its really smooth. Taste if you want it sweeter or more chocolate taste then add more cocoa or syrup.

Put into small serving glasses, and leave in the fridge for 3-4 hours, can just as well be prepeared the day before, and take out of the fridge 30 min. before serving, toss some laminated almondas to decorate, I buy it ready laminated in the super.

Raday to enjoy, hope it tastes.

Photos of some of the most charming spots of Granada.

New urban lightning in Gran Via.

Paseo de Los Tristes.
The Monastry of La Concepcion has a museum you can visit in the mornings.

Plaza Nueva, Justice Palace.
Santa Ana Church at Plaza Nueva.

Roof tops seen from Albayzin
Narrow street in the Albayzin.

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