Friday, 24 May 2013

Constitution day 17 of May in Norway

Hello to all of you,

I've been visiting my family in Norway, always like to go in spring, and not to miss the 17 of May, which is a big celebration for all Norwegians .
My family lives on an island , Tjøme, on the vest side of the Oslo Fjord, about 100 km to the south, in the Tønsberg distict, regarded the oldest present Scandinavian city, established in 871,
at the present time has a population of 41 000.

The music followed by the Norwegian flags.
The landmark of the town is Slottsfjellet, the tower on the hill that was built in 1888 as a memorial of the old fortress , remaning only fragmentary ruins today.
And here we start the celebration of the Constitution day, at 8.30 am with the speach of the. Mayor ,the Constitution was signed at Eidsvoll on this day in 1814, considered at the time the most liberal and democratic in the world, today it is the oldest single-document national constitution in Europe and the second oldest in the world. Then the music band plays and alle the congregate peopel sing "Ja vi elsker dette landet", the national song , the lyrics written by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson , 1903 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Añadir leyenda
Then 3 flags are hoist by the Scouts, we have 3 x 3 canyon salutes, and we march after the music band, no military exhibitions on the national day, only the red, white and blue, Norwegian Flag, and lots of people wear the "Bunad" the national costume has become very popular again, specially among the young people, and this is the best day to wear it.

We brought our blankets and a pic-nic basket with our break fast, wich we sit on the ruins of the Slottsfjellet to enjoy. The wiew over the town and the port , fantasti ,with the seaside and hundreds of islands , a very popular summer destination for the Norwegian boat folks.

The tower fo Tonsberg.
The Spanish village of Covarubias (province of Burgos) is twinned to Tønsberg as a result of the medieval connection with Princess Kristina of Tønsberg, a sad story wich I will come back to another day.

Then we go to church , first a visit to my grandparents grave, and take part in the service together with my sister and parents, the Nøtterøy Ungdomskantori, always sings so beautiful, and we get the peace around us.

The rest of the day, the weather really made us happy, some sunshine and a good temperature, on this day the children are alloud to eat all the hot-dogs and ice-creams they can, and participate in the park where games are arranged and they can have a trip on a merry go round.

Later on dance for the more grown ups, at mid-night fireworks.

Norwey in red, white and blue.

Music band, interprtating the Norwegisn national himns.

Bunad, evry region has it s own design.
The future of Norway all in Vestfold Bunad.

Notteroy  Ungdomskantori.
Añadir leyenda

Young music band.

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