Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I hope you feel as I, the day has been fantastic, so hungry for some sun and higher temperature, I even got my bikini on this afternoon, the swimming pool  wasen't my temperature yet, but I had my feet in for a while, and it felt good, maybe tomorrow..................

The snow in Sierra Nevada is melting faster theese days, but anyway there is a lot still,  try to get a picture tomorrow, that means that all the rivers are going fast at the moment,  we have a trail we use to hike in spring and summer along the river Dilar, in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevda, but the water is to fast, and it·s very cold too, we have to cross it several times, no bridge, I will have a try again next week,

But back to yesterdays cookies, shoppinglist follows;

200 gr Harina de trigo ( wheat flour)
100 gr Harina de soja ( soy flour)
100 gr Margarina. ( margarine)
100 gr Azucar.    ( sugar)
1 Naranja.           (Orange)
50 gr  Nueces o almendras. ( nuts or almonds)
2 cucharaditas de levadura ( teaspoons of bakingpowder)

This is all you need.
Whip up the margarine with the sugar until it gets foamy, then add the nuts, finly chopped, you can use  the food processor ,  1 spoon of grated orange peel, and the juice of half  the orange.
In another bowl mix the flours and the bakingpowder, and mix this into the margarine and sugar  cream, use the hands to mix well, keep in the fridge for at least 30 min.

Using the roller pin to extend the mixture until 1/2 cm thick,  use cookie cutters or a small glass to cut out the cookies, I use  silicone sheets for the oven, if not use baking paper.Decorate with dark chocolate or candy chips.

Temperature 170 degrees during  15 minutes . Transfer  with care, they are burning, to a cooling rack, and when completely cold, to a cookie tin.


Ready for a good cup of tea, and to enjoy life.

A Victoria Holt book, a warm afternoon,, who can ask for more??????

And some of my own strawberries.

Good night with a white rose.

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