Monday, 12 August 2013


We had a really nice experience one night last week, the new tapas menu of the Restaurant Kairos de la Flor in Almuñecar. ( ctra. Suspiro del Moro, 1)
We know the ovners, Ceci and Paco, last  is the chef, from a long time ago,  Paco has this special feeling some persons have with food, and Ceci is the best host, makes you  "feel at home" at first visit. Most of the menu are singular recipes worked out by Paco, and all of them highly recomendable, from the starters, I love the  Arugula salad , containing piquillo peppers, dates,pine kernel and " ventresca" of tuna fish, or the smoked salmon rolls, main dishes of bacalao and iberian pork, and the nicest desserts, all with the best touch of the chef.

                                                   TAPAS MENU FOR 2 PERSONS.

Beetroot gazpacho.
The first dish, beetroot gazpacho with anchoviees, creamed cheese and basil infused oil, a new sensation for us, but really nice, the truffled pate was wonderful, so good the kumquat( chineese orange) marmelade, and the foie ice-cream, served like a sandwich between 2 slices of carameliced apples with a touch of Pedro Ximenez  (sweet wine).
Mushroom carpacho.
The cristal bread, I have to ask Paco how to make it, with smoked salmon and tartar sauce, classic mix , but with this new way to serve the bread.
Egg, Gula and chips.
In a tin, the mushroom carpacho , chevere snow covered with the house's pesto, just a dream .
Chorizo Flamenquin.

Then in a glass we had the broken egg with gula and very fine potato chips, cut b hand,  the gula is a sustitute for angula, the babies of the eel, this is one of the north of Spain's most famous dishes, but lately it's not very easy to get hold of, and when you can , the angula (elver) is terribly expensive. So most of us say yes thank's to the sustitute Gula, you can buy it fresh or frozen in supermarket, and normally you prepare it "al pil-pil", I will come back to this. Very nice mix of different tastes.
The last dish was              " flamenquin" de chorizo , parmesano cheese and mushrom ali-oli, flamenquin is also a very long time ago known, deep fried roll of meat, ham and chese , wich you dip in whisked egg and bread crumbs and fry in oil. Paco again made the well known new, and the mushroom ali-oli so nice.

Paco , The Boss.

The upside down cheese cake.
Then to finish there was as always a surprise, I would call it up side down cheesecake, as you see in the photo, the marmelade is on the bottom, then the cheese, and the crust on top, and only refrigerated. I'm going to do a version of my own for some friends coming for dinner tomorrow, I'll tell you later how it turned out.
The nice style inside, and a huge terrace for the summer and sunny winterdays.

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