Sunday, 11 August 2013


In August you have the meteor shower, several nights to watch it, and we went to Sierra Nevada more or less 2500 at Los Peñones de San Francisco, personally I have never seen so many cars up there, and lots of people running away from the heat in Granada. The sky was dark, and not a single cloud, so it was the perfect night to look at the stars, and the temperature was around 12 degrees, we had winter jackets, the temperature was going down to 4 degrees during the night.

If you want to go up by the cable car, it's open these nights until 01.45, the price is not quite "popular" but if you are in the aerea it's a big experience.
It wasn't possible to photograph, but you can have a look at ;


The best night is going to be from 12-13 of August, and if you can't come this year, try next, this is a phenomenon, that repeats every year, and it can be seen all over the wold, but the best is to search a place without light pollution, and the hights helps to get better vision too.

Have a good and starry night.

Give you some refreshing views rom last winter, and promise to come back to Sierra Nevada this autumn.

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