Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Almond and carrot pate.
Good morning, I want to do a special mention for a on-line friend operated yesterday from cancer, and wish her all the best, she·ll beat the monster. We have gone through all of it during this winter, when a family member got this horrible diagnosis, cancer. But it can be beaten, wery important that people around are positive and give a lot of love . I wish that nobody had to go throuh this, and wish everybody who is affected to recuperate.

In the time we had the illness in the family we where recomended to eat less animal proteins, so we went ahead for vegan dishes, and the proteins we need from nuts, almonds, seeds, soy. lentils, chickpeas,quinoa,tofu etc, we are not vegetarians, but we found a lot of nice dishes, and I continue investigating, cook-books and on the net, even family and friends apreciate theese new dishes. There are so many possibilities and we even lost weight and got our cholesterol down. The importance of a healthy diet, we understand now, you are what you eat, and feel better and better. And very important, to shew the food a lot to salivate it, makes your digestions lighter, and it's good to drink a couple of liters of water, but not too much during the meals, repart it during the rest of the day.
Here in Granada we still have hot days, but the nights are cool, and we can sleep well without air-condition, we are wery happy about that, and long evenings outside, our garden is so nice, last night I came home after visiting my nephew and his family, and had a swim in the pool at 1 o'clock in the night, all dark, but wonderful.

I hope you will apreciate this snack, sometimes Lidel has Pan de Pasas Tostado, it fits so well, if not you can toast any bread, with grains or white.


4 zanahorias grandes  ( big carrots)
1 cebolla                     (onion)
1/2 spoon tahini           (tahini)
Harina de almendras    ( almond flour)
AOVE                         (Extra virgen olive oil)
Sal                               (salt)
Pimienta                       (pepper)
150gr. agua                   (water)

This is what you need, the brown paste is the tahini, I will make a Basics recipe, as it can be used for many dishes.

I do the almond flour and then the carrots in the food-processor, and they look like this.

Start shopping the onion, and the carrot in small pices, have a little AOVE in a frying pan, start with the onion and fry for some minutes, and then add the carrot, let fry for one other minute and then add the water, let cook until the ingredients are soft, if it's necessary add more water, and the salt and pepper.
While this is cooking, make the almond flour in the food-processor, or you can buy it , I prefer to choose the almonds, I buy them peeled, and do it myself.
Put the onion&carrot mix in the foodprocessor, no need to clean it after doing the almond flour,add the tahini, and go on half speed, then full to get a smoothe paste, then add the almond flour litte by little until you get the desired texture.
Let it rest in the fridge for some hours, and then enjoy , can be kept in the fridge for 3-4 days.

This bread is so good to many kind of snacks.

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