Tuesday, 29 October 2013


We had a sunny morning, but at midday, the wind turned from south to north, suddenly it's cold, and windy, what a difference from yesterday, short sleeves and no socks, it's time now to prepare the house for the winter. This autumn has been extraordinary, even here in Spain.
The sun will still be here, but we can expect 4 degrees on wednesday night in Granada, the witches will have a cool flight on their brooms on Halloween Night.

And it's chestnut time, in almost every Spanish town you can find people roasting them, they normaly use a petrol barrel,it's filled with coal, and the chestnuts roasts slowly on the top, and you can buy and eat them in the street, they are hot and comforting, and has a nutty taste, but when you roast them thei get soft inside. We have an old frying pan at home, and save it from year to year, just to roast the chestnuts ourself, it's easy, just make a little cut in the shell,and roast for about 7-8 min. depends on the size, then turn an roast for the same time, take the shell off, and ready  to enjoy.

I got a new couple of chairs for the coffetable, they come from Eichholtz , Netherland, also the coffe table, they have such a contemorary
design, but with classic savour, I love a lot of things from their catalogue, and many where bes-sellers in my shop.
Take a look:

Here comes a couple of photos from my living room;

Sophia Loren Chair, the name makes you think of glamour.
It's not only glamorous, but very cocomfortable too.

Some fall branches and berries in a cristal jar with liken and moss, the mirror is from my study, and makes a good effect on the black slate wall.
My favorite insect, if one can have a favorite of  that kind, is the Dragonfly, the still life was painted of my doughter when she was 13 yers old.
She returned to her studies at Art School now, after working with dressage and riding horses for more than 1 year .

As you may have registred, I'm a night person, love the days, but the summernights are my favorite time, my family doesn't always agree, but I love these velvety warm nights, of that reason I always go to bed in summer very late, but now I want to change that and bed earlier, here I go.

Have a good night all of you.

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