Saturday, 11 January 2014


This morning we went for a more than 2 hours walk in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada,
the edge of the park is quite near our house,  and we have a lot of posibilities for walking around here.
The countryside is very dry at the moment, we need some rain,  the rosemary already has flowers, I think even mother nature is a bit confused, the seasons are changing so much, nothing , even the weather is like it used to be.

Anyway, my lavender has nice flowers, so I picked some for the kitchen, my favorite place to be, specially in the spring and summer when the doors always are open to the garden.

We have been eating veggies the whole week, and my man deserves ome meat,  my butcher minced some veal, for theese fantastic hamburgers, wich  we love, all of us.

Shopping list
600 gr carne de ternera picada.         ( minced meat of veal)
1 huevo.                                            ( egg)
3 cucharadas de pan integral rallado   ( breadcrumbs of whole grain bread)
1 cucharada de salsa soja.                  ( tablespoon soy sauce)
1 cucharada de perejil.                        ( tablespoon parsley)
Pizca de sal de ajo, sal de Himalaya y pimienta.  ( pinch og garlic salt, pepper and Himalaya Salt)
AOVE.                                                ( extra virgen olive oil)
4 pan de hamburguesa.                        ( hamburger bread)

4 cebollas.                                            ( onions)
8 granos de pimienta negra.                  ( whole black peppers)
AOVE.                                                 (Extra virgen olive oil)
1 cucharada de azucar morena.              ( tablespoon of brown sugar)
Pizca de sal del Himalaya.                      (Pinch of Himalaya salt)

Start dividing the onions in two, and chopping them in thin slices, put 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a skillet, heat and put the onion slices in with a little salt and the black pepper corns, let fry on medium/high temperature until the onions are transparent.
 While the onions are frying mix the egg, breadcrumbs,garlic salt, soy sauce, parsley( fresh or dry, both ok ) salt and pepper into the minced meat, and mix wery well, and save
.Then  add enough water to cover the half of the onions, mix, add the sugar and mix again. In a couple of min. the water has evaporated, and the onions start to have a brown colour, it's important now to stir all the time, it must caramelise but not burn. When it's dark brown, strain the oil away, and save in a serving bowl.

Prepare the skillet just covering the bottom with olive oil, prepare 4 high burgers, with wet hands it's easier, and cook on middle fire, they should be done but a little raw inside, toast the burger breads just slightly, and translate the bread and hamburger to a plate. I also use to put individual glass bowls of ketchup and mustard, dijon type is great, and the carameliced onions and some pickled cucumbers in small bowls beside, everyone can make their own personalized burger. 
I will make a post of vegan burger in my new, Spanish written blog in a cpuple of days,link here;

My Best Burger


Here everybody likes the burgers with a beer, I seldom drink beer, but somtimes I make myself a gift, water from Voss in Norway, you can find it in the Gourmet section at El Corte Ingles, the taste  of water water.

The rosemary from the countryside smells so different from the one we have in the garden.

I hope theese will be your favorite burgers now,  when I make tapas for a crowd of people, I make a mini version,  and the try is always emptied.


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