Sunday, 9 June 2013


This is really incredible, I live in Spain since 1975, and I have never, never seen a temperature of 14 degrees in the afternoon the 9th of June. My husband was worried in the end of this winter, (maybe it didn·t end)  we have some  windows where the sun shines strong in the summer afternoons and heat the inside a lot.

The leaves of the kiwi plant.

We don·t want to have a permanent shadow, because in the winter the sun shines nicely, and we enjoy it inside, so what did we do ?

He built an open pergola, and we bought some Kiwi plants ( you must buy some feemale and some male plants to have fruit) which are going to cover  in a couple of years, and we  will have a nice shadow in the summer, maybe some Kiwi fruit , and still enjoy the sun in winter while the leaves falls off.

Old out  door furniture.

Our house has a contemporary quite modern style, when we moved in I didn·t want to owerfurnish, so I stored a lot of furniture, now I took out some old outside things an tried them under the pergola, but this was not right , what can I do to this?????

I will give you the answer on Monday.
We also bought some strawberry plants,  an the fruit is here now.

At the moment they live in a big terracotta planter, and seem to like it there, it·s the first time I tried to grow anything eatable , well I have a lemon tree and a little herb garden, but this is new for me, and next year I will definitly have my own tomatoes, green peppers,maybe zucchini, and more strawberries.  It·s so nice to go out in the morning and have a look at the change from one day to another.
And I·m thinking of a vertical garden, must think of a nice design.


With the roses from my garden I want to wish you a nice sunday.

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