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Hi again, now life got back to "normal", some homework, some gardening, a little work. I work as a freelance interior designer, I have a small studio in my house, not too much work in this time of crisis, but like Donna Summer, "I will survive", and now this blog is filling a little more of my time.
Here is the shoppinglist.

Macarones with chorizo is a typical weekdays dish, very appreciated among the kids, and quite anti-crisis, the shoppinglist as follows:

500 gr Macarones (Macaroni)
1.5 kg Tomates maduros ( Ripe tomatoes)
1 Cebolla grande. ( Big onion)
2 Dientes de ajo. ( Cloves of garlic)
1 Zanahoria pequeña. (Small carrot)
300 gr Chorizo. (Chorizo sausage)
1 ch Sal. (Salt)
1 ch Oregano. (Oregano)
1ch Azucar. (Sugar)
100 gr Queso rallado. (Grated cheese)
3 or 4 cc Aceite oliva Virgen Extra (Virgen extra olive oil)

Start to stir the onion, garlic and  carrot.
I use to start with the homemade tomato sauce , called Tomate Frito, chopping the onion and the garlic, grating the carrot, stir slowly in the olive oil until tender and transparent. If you have a food processor with great power, like Thermomix, give the tomatoes a 20 sec on the highest power, if not, put the tomatoes for 1 min. ( more or less, it depends on the quality of the tomatoes) in hot water, and then you can easily peel it , then grate, and add to the now cooked onion, it must fry for 1 hour, put a top on your pan, otherwise the cleaning of the kitchen can take a long time.

After 30 min. add the salt, the sugar and the oregano. I use some tagatesse instead of sugar , got used to it during the time I dieted. ( In healt food shops) If you like , give it a go in the food processor again, personally I like it as it comes out, a litte "rustic". I use to buy a little cured and spicy chorizo, so I just peel it , cut it in thin slices and let it stir in the tomato sauce for another 5 min. .If you prefere the fresh chorizo, cut it in a little thicker slices and let it cook the last 10 min. in the tomato sauce, or you can fry it for a couple of minutes, and drain the fat away before you add it to the tomato sauce..

The best chorizo from the local butcher.
Boil the macaroni as explained on the packet, when ready strain well, and mix with the tomato/chorizo sauce, top with grated cheese, and grill at 200 degrees until the cheese is melted.( 10 min.)

Sometimes I make 3 or 4 kilos of tomatoes, and it can stay in the fridge for 4-5 days, and you can also freeze it. Use it with boiled rice, and a fried egg, tasty and quick.

If you stay in a holyday house and don't have a food-processor you can buy a tin of Tomate Triturado,but the fresh ripe tomato is always the best.

The "rustic way"
The processed way.

Mix tomato sauce and cooked macharoni.

Fill in a form to go in the oven.

Top with grated cheese.

Ready to go to the table.

Hope  you will follow my blog, and please leave a comment if you like, or have any suggestions about the recipe.

Happy week end everybody.

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  1. This is not very vegetarian, I think but the flowers, strawberries and decoration, lovely like you.Love you xoxo.