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Espardenya is the Catalan name of the shoes hand-made from esparto, a tough grass usually used to make rope. They have been made in the Basque country as a peasant footwear since the 14 th century , but the Archaeological musem of Granada has a pair estimated around 4000 years ago. They have a canvas or cotton upper and the sole made of jute, this is what is defining the characteristic of an espadrillo, the uppers has now hundreds of designs.
Traditionally the alpargata was black or natural, the black one for work and the lighter version por sundays.
Around 1950 fashion evolved, and the designs had to be more sophisticated, and in the 60's Mr Yves St-Laurent asked for espadrillos with heels, suddenly it was all the rage!
Sometimes they have laces that ties around the ankle,and they are still extremely popular in the Mediterranean countries, in the summer the sole which is 100% natural, molds itself to the shape of the foot, and allows the skin to breathe, which is very comfortable, and after so many years they're not to go out of fashion now.
The fashion of this summer.
Mens sneakers.
Girly espadrillos.


The upper made of leather and the soles made of recucled rubber tieres, this kind of sandals are really easy to get on and off, comfortable, eco-friendly, perfect for the summer, children love  them.

Fashion small girls albarcas.

Unisex childrens albarcas.

You can have a look at the most fashion ones ;

Fine espadrillos shop on-line:

I want to thank Calzado Nico and Roselli, shops  situated in th bright new "Centro Comercial El Serrallo in Granada"  for letting me photograph their models.

The tieniest albarcas from
Calzado Nico.

.Exclusive childrens foot wear 

Espadrillos from Espanolo, Valecuatro.
Find shop on-line

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