Saturday, 20 July 2013


Shadowy deck chair space.
New lovely day, but it·s gonna be hot, so I·m around the house to get it a cool as possible during the day without using the air-condition whitch make my shoulder and hip ache, and my throat feel soar. Getting up in the morning I always open doors and windows for a while to get the fresh air inside, then i close all, and draw curtáis and blinds, so the house may be a little dark, but it feels comfortable when the sun shines so strong outside, and the house remains fresh this way.

 We have so many and huge windows, prepared with sun screen ( it is like a mirror and it·s going to throw the sun shine away)but anyway it makes the house warmer. I can understand why many old houses, specially in the country side, has very small even tiny windows, it's to keep the heat out. If you visit the Alpujarra , you can often see a thick curtain, in the typical Alpujarra pattern, in front of the entrance door, then they can open the main door and the patio door or a window to have airflow.
Outside I open the parasols and canopies, so the floor and the furniture is not going to be heated, I irrigate the wooden and the tiled floors.

To hot to sunbathe, but relaxing in the shadow.

Shadow in the morning.

Italian table and chairs from my show-room.

Even Rey keeps out of the heat.

The flower wall.

Be careful with the sun this week-end,
don·t dehydrate, drink a lot of water.
and have a good time.

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