Thursday, 25 July 2013


This morning I had  to go to town (Granada) to do a lot of paper work, banks , insurance company, not my preference of what  to do in 35 degrees, but it turned out to be one of my emotional days.

Mr. Paolo Rocco and his wife Italia, left.
Thinking of a lonely man Paolo de Rocco ,year 1935 , leaving his home in  Bellunio ,province of Veneto, Italy, near the Austrian border, his wife, Italia and two doughters, to settle down in Granada.
He rents a comercial permiss to start his own buissness , Heladeria Los Italianos, still at the same location in Gran Via , 4 , then his family follows and two more doughters are born in Granada.
Reminding the beginning.
I mentioned this Ice cream bar in the Alabaysin Morning Walk, but I think it·s worth mentioning again, 4 generations, still having the control, one of Paolos doughters, no retiering at 65, at her age of 70 , she is still the soul of the buiseness, and the know how, of this traditional and secret ice cream recipes.
She makes me come into the heart of the shop where she shows me the photograph of her parents with their ice cream wagon in Italy, it·s a grand moment for me, this is not shared with everybody, and for her to remind her origins.
The traditional glasses..
The beginning of the buisness was hard, Spanish Civil War began 3 months after the opening, Granada was in the National Zone , but Mr. Rocco, as hir doughter can tell me, never had a complaint,  he onely wanted to make people happy with his wonderful icecreams.

The family is still envolved in manufacturing the icecreams, they  sell in  Gran Via, and quite a lot of restaurants in Granada has the " Helados de Los Italianos"  on their menu, but the Rocco family
 are not interested in the new way of franchishing, they continue as Mr. Rocco bagan all of it..

My pistaccio ice cream.
The most sold is the stratiacella and the cassata ice creams, among several tastes, I love the pistaccio, and to take home and share with family and friends, the Zucotto ice cake, not possible to expain, you have to try it.

This is called cucurucho or barquillo in spanish, Los Italianos makes the best ones.

Hope you don·t miss it if you visit Granaa, Los Italianos is an Institution , and all the inhabitants of Granada awaits the openig around the easter week, and we enjoy the ice creams until November, when they close, and go "home" to Italy. But they are always back for Easter.

The Logo.
The gondola, trade mark of Helados Los Italianos.

Love doesn·t get old.

The trditoinal decoration remains in time.

               Thank·s to the  Rocco family for all the sweet moments we have, and are going to share.

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