Friday, 2 August 2013


In Spain you can find quite a lot of dishes containing mayonais, in Norway you normally buy it ready in the supermarket, but in Spain we like the homemade mayonais, every home has it's small secret about the recipe, and the taste can be quite different, also dependig on what it's going to match with.

We always use milk instead of egg ,in the summer, not to have problems with the salmonella, when it' hot like theese days.

1 huevo. (Egg)
3 dl AOVE. ( extra virgin olive oil)
Vinagre de vino blanco ( white wine vinager)
Sal. (Salt)

Put the egg or the milk in a high bowl, add salt and vinager, and at the time you use the hand mixer and let the oil go in a thin beam. Depends on how liquid you need it, you continue with the mixer and it will turn more solid.
Taste for salt and vinegar, and ready to use, some times if I'm going to use it for sea-food, i use lemon instead of vinager, here is a question of personal taste.

Some dishes don't need the taste of oliv oil, specially potato and egg dishes, so there I use sunflower seed oil, try and taste, and you will find the right way por your dishes.

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