Friday, 2 August 2013


I love any decoration coming from the sea, may be it has to do with growing up in an island.
I found the week, last week,where I didn·t have work, no family or frends to come, I love to have them around, but some time alone with ones partner is also important, so I went with my husband Armando for a week in our holiday apartment in Almuñecar.  It·s not far from Granada, so we go there often, but not wery often for a whole week. This was going to be all relax, morning-marked, beach, bicycling, cooking, walks in town late after-noons,  dinner at a restaurant, drink on one of the several terraces in town, for me the real holyday life.

Welcome to our light house entrance.

My husbands grandmother, from Almuñecar, became a widow very early in her life, in the time Franco was the governor of Spain, the widows where given the Tobacconist Licence, in Spain a state monopoly, called Estanco, for the way of living. She onely had one doughter, my mother in law, so my husband spent lots of time in Almuñecar as a little boy, he even went to school for 2 years there , and later as a young man, all his vacations, logically he has strong roots in the little town, and I learned to love it to.

Sea view.
We first had a holiday home in La Herradura, but it was quite lonely for our girls the week-ends in the winter time, we like to go not only in the summer, so we decided to settele down in Almuñecar, the perfect climate, the small town, I park my car in the garage when arriving, and don·t use it before I go home to Granada again, for me, depending on the car so many years,  is a big part of the holyday, and I bought a bicycle some years ago, and it·s a wonderful feeling, especially now, we got bicycle tracks, along the whole beach, I·m afraid I·m not a big biker, but from friends I know there are so many fine places to go up in the mountains in the Rio Verde valley, you can come up to over 1000 meters, spectacular views, over the Chirimoya , Avocado, Mango, Papaya, Nispero, plantations, the sub tropical climate gives all these delicious fruits the best growing conditions.

Here we spend the afternoons  playing Rummykub.
Another coner of the living room.
Small, but not less important kitchen.
Detail from the kitchen.
Lunches in the shadow.
Shells from the beach.
Main bed-room.

This is really our second home, not only a place by the beach.

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